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Artist, alchemist, designer, and photographer Lucette Romy shares a powerful recipe to support liver health using a base of brewed burdock root with Sun Potion Pearl, Ashitaba, Yin Power, creamy Tocos, and our heirloom Cacao.... a delicious way to soothe, nourish, and detoxify the system!

A note from Lucette

After struggling with hormonal acne and liver issues for several years, it was a strange day when I realized I had come back and ground into finally feeling back into my body. The essence of me had returned and there it was... I was living again. It was a cool day and I had just returned from seeing my acupuncturist who suggested I introduce Burdock Root into my daily regime to aid in moisturizing my liver.

My mind immediately started creating: tea recipes, elixirs, potions, soups.. the possibilities seemed endless and yet I kept coming back to a creamy hot blend of adaptogens that would soothe my liver and inflammation. Burdock to moisturize from the inside out, Pearl to aid in collagen, Ashitaba to clear the blood and reduce inflammation, and Yin Power for the beautiful balancing and powerful feminine energy that it holds.


The Liver Elixir


1 tsp. Dried Burdock Root*

1/4 tsp. Pearl Powder

1 tsp. Yin Power

1/2 tsp. Ashitaba

1 tbsp. Tocos

2 tsp. Cacao Powder

Honey to sweeten (optional)



Bring your kettle to boil and add your burdock root to a tea strainer and let brew for 5-8 mins

Mix together your Pearl, Yin Power, Ashitaba, Tocos and Cacao Powder

Once your tea has finished brewing, add the liquid to your adaptogen blend

You can mix this by hand or place it in your blender to make it extra creamy

(The tocos acts like a creamer and when activated will froth up)

Pour into your desired drinking glass or tea pot to serve!

Alternate Method

This elixir can also be brewed on the stove top in a pot at a simmer

Brew your Burdock Root first and then add your adaptogen blend, making sure to strain your mix before serving to remove the Burdock Root


 *If you are using Fresh Burdock Root, make sure you clean and scrub the dirt off the roots thoroughly. Using a peeler or grater, chop up your burdock root into smaller pieces. If you have a dehydrator, dehydrate your Burdock Root. If you do not have a dehydrator, you can place it in the oven on your lowest heat setting it set it out in the sun. Once it is dehydrated, place in a pan on medium heat to dry roast for 10 mins, then let cool and store in a jar! Do not use any oil in the process of making this tea.

Lucette Romy

Lucette is an Australian designer, photographer, artist and alchemist. After living in Bali, Indonesia for over 5 years she has been inspired to live simply and holistically, at harmony with the earth and its offerings. As owner and designer of The Wylde, Lucette brings to life clothing that is focused on redefining the values of fashion through sustainable manufacturing and design. With simple and elegant silhouettes made from natural, organic and raw materials, she believes that clothing is like good skincare and should be thought of like anything that we consume internally or topically. Through her work as a photographer, Lucette is passionate in giving a voice to women to feel powerful and radiant in their body and who they are through her soulful and femi- nine imagery.