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“The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important.” 

Andrea Ochoa 

This multi-talented creative - alchemist, visual storyteller and DJ has created a love potion (and playlist) to fall head over heels for...  We invite you to take a moment today to tune your senses inward - recreate this bliss-invoking Goddess Tonic (complete with our Anandamide, a high-vibe raw cacao blend with tonic herbs, adaptogens, rose petals, and fresh spices)  - perhaps while listening to Andrea's vibey mix!


The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important. Valentine's Day is known as the day for lovers and although that can be true for some, I'd like to dedicate this day to love... self-love. Self-love can look very different for everyone, so choose whatever makes you feel good and do that...and do a lot of it. When the feeling of love for yourself begins to blossom you will brightly radiate to the world around you, creating a unique essence of personal magic.  

This ritual will inspire you to (self) love and embrace the goddess within. This can be done whenever you wish, morning, night or every day if that makes you feel good! 

Self Love Ritual: 

Begin by getting into the most comfortable outfit that makes you feel radiant and cozy.

Next, create the potion. A powerful elixir made with Pearl, Anandamide, and Tocos for inner & outer radiance. Pearl´s antioxidant properties help support beautiful glowing skin. Tocos, nature's creamer is rich in vitamin E, promotes healthy skin and removes toxins. Anandamide soothes anxiety to help you ease into a state of bliss.

Find a comfortable space where you will create a magical vibe. Cleanse with sage or palo santo, light candles, add incense or crystals, pillows and anything else that makes you feel happy. Grab a journal and pen. 

Finally, settle into your space and press play here. Music heals, moves our souls and empowers us to reconnect with our bodies. Let the music guide you and flow into your time. Add anything else you enjoy like a face mask or a book.

End by journaling any thoughts and feelings that come to mind after.




1 cup of plant-based milk (almond works great)  

1/2 tsp. of Pearl 

1 tbsp. of Tocos

2 tbsp. of Anandamide  

1 tsp. of coconut butter 

1 tsp. of maple syrup or raw honey

1 tsp. of cinnamon 

A few drops of vanilla 

pinch of pink salt  




Bring milk to boil

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender for 1 - 2 minutes

Serve and enjoy





Photos: @theolivia.collective 

Andrea Ochoa

Andrea Ochoa is a creative alchemist and creator of beauty. Various forms of expression are her forte. She mixes music and superfood potions, develops beauty products, discovers new ways to reinterpret food into art, creates visual storytelling and is a beauty coach. She is an advocate for guiltless self-care to feel empowered and raise your vibrations on all levels. Beauty is within us all and the magic begins when you embrace your true essence. Born and raised in Miami with Colombian roots, she is currently fulfilling her life long dream of living in Europe and traveling the world.