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Angelique Booyens gives us a simple yet delicious recipe for a refreshing Iced Chaga Coconut Latte (sans coffee) to support energy, hormonal balance, immunity and resilience!


It’s probably Monday again or it just feels like one and in that case it’s time for a Chaga, baby.

I don’t drink coffee. *big GASP* I never really got into the whole ‘I need coffee to function’ thing, but don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good roast on occasions when I feel like it. Other than that I really just try and avoid it whenever I can because I’m a little sensitive to stimulants. Sometimes even too much matcha or maca root powder can leave me feeling a little shaky, irritated, agitated and just uneasy.

A few sources also claim it’s not the best thing for you if you’re struggling with a hormone imbalance or, like in my case, with PCOS (policystic ovarian syndrome).

I’ve always had a Matcha and maca latte if I really needed a little boost to my day (especially in Luteal phase, just prior to the period when hormones and energy levels are at their lowest). But, let’s be honest, it’s not coffee.

So if you’re looking for something that tastes a little more like coffee, Chaga mushroom is your best shot for that hint of coffee.

At the end of the day, Chaga will never be that first cup of coffee you crave in the morning, but it’s a great start if you want to switch to less coffee or no coffee at all.


2 tsp. Chaga Mushroom

1 cup boiling water

1/4 cup coconut milk (or any other plant milk with 1 tsp. coconut or almond butter added)

1 tsp. coconut or almond butter (optional)

1 tsp. coconut sugar

sprinkle of cinnamon

3-5 ice cubes



Add Chaga mushroom powder and boiling water to a coffee press and let it steep for 3-5 minutes, or boil over the stove in a saucepan and filter

Let the Chaga cool down for about 10 minutes while you get ready to start your day (or make the night before and store in fridge for the next day)

Pour lukewarm or cold Chaga into a glass with ice

Mix coconut milk, coconut butter and coconut sugar together, then pour into the glass with the Chaga

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and enjoy


If you like or tried this delicious alternative don’t hesitate to share it with me @thegoodroots #thegoodroots

A note from Sun Potion on Chaga

Sun Potion's Chaga mushroom is a ground concentration of the mushroom, harvested on horseback in Canada from birch trees. Chaga mushroom contains high levels of B-Vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes, minerals, and phenols and contains some of the highest known concentrations of antioxidants of any food, such as Melanin. Chaga is also a rich source of Zinc, an essential nutrient for cell growth. Chaga can be prepared in a French press, similar to preparing ground coffee and also extracted in a slow brew method using 2 tablespoons of Chaga per every 1/2 gallon of water, simmering for 4-6 hours and then strained. This preparation of Chaga is the most bio-available way to consume, the brew can be put through a sieve and used once more.