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 “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

- Colleen Ordonio 

Many of us have felt this way at least once - that cringing realization when we really need to reset and rejuvenate but travel circumstances end up adding to the stress versus relieving it.... Colleen comes to our rescue with some simple yet effective self-care hacks to support

high-vibe and truly restorative travel - no matter the destination!


 Let’s be real - taking a vacation can be stressful without the right tools. Often times, we book our holidays, get the time off, and pack last minute (I’m not the only one, right?) and suddenly we’re on a plane to our dream destination with an overpacked luggage and heart full of eager & anxious wanderlust.

Stress and decompression aside, we finally get into vacation mode, only to realize the next day we’re on the trip back home. Behold - I’ve got a few secrets on beginning and ending a vacation with finesse: Prepare, Self Care, and Reflect.

Now, before you run off to a library of philosophy books and self care Pinterest boards, I’ll let you know that these three practices begin from the inside out with the help of radical plant-based, transformational foods: Sun Potion Travel Allies. I chose four of the six travel companions from the Travel Ally Series to ramp up my vacation experience and to serve my higher being by deeply caring for my awesome physical vessel.

Step 1: Preparing the Body to Ease Into Vacation Mode

The best way to go on a trip? Calm and protected. By placating the mind and amplifying my immune system, I can rest easy knowing that I’ve contributed to my shield against travel exhaustion and all the germs that tag along in close quarters.

Shield with Reishi

As I'm someone who is always on the go, Reishi is one of my favorite adaptogenic mushrooms for any occasion. And no messing around here - I'm prepared with the big jar.

The queen healer Reishi mushroom may support the immune system, and also helps to bring the body & head space to a soothing equilibrium for the perfect pre-travel peace of mind.


Include 1/2 tsp. Reishi in your coffee or tea as soon as you get on the plane (I like to do it an hour before boarding too!) It's a dream...


Step 2: Self Care & Maintenance Doesn’t Take a Vacation, You Do

We’ve reached our destination and usually one of the following is on the mind - find a bed or get out and start exploring. Regardless of which option you take, know that self-care is extremely important when our brains are functioning a mile a minute and that photogenic corner of the Airbnb is calling our names.

Wind Down With Mucuna Pruriens

I’ll be honest - I’m usually the chill, maybe-take-a-nap-person when I get off a plane or out of a car on a long road trip. To get my relaxation on I like to take a hot shower, dress down to something real comf and treat myself to a cup of anything with Mucuna Pruriens. Water, warm almond milk, tea - whatever you need to make it happen, make it happen! If you know me at all, you know I love aphrodisiacs (for more than obvious reasons). Mucuna Pruriens had been considered exactly that, an aphrodisiac. Even better, one that may work to calm restless or anxious nerves. And if you want to get really science-y, it’s got 15% of L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine, & been linked to promote sound sleep and an expanded sense of well-being. I mean, it sounds like a done deal to me.

Slow down the nervous system, elevate the mood, and refine the senses for a clear mind and blissful outlook? (Did we mention the aphrodisiac aspect?) Yes, please, thank you!

Awaken with Matcha

When you’re finally ready to hit the ground running, do yourself a favor and start your journey with a delicious cup of Matcha. I prefer hot, but matcha can be enjoyed hot or cold. I encourage you to find which you like best and have a cup at the start of each day. Travel can take a lot of energy especially when diving into new places and experiences. Maintain your whole body wellness by nourishing the body with this antioxidant, energizing, nutrient rich powerhouse. (Hello, chlorophyll!) And don’t just stop there - make a practice out of it. Back in yoga teacher training, I was introduced to sadhana, which is essentially the act of accomplishing a spiritual practice. I like to combine matcha with my sadhana, which can take the form of any action that feels right to you. Yoga? Sure. Watching the sunrise? Absolutely. Make it your own. Self care includes taking moments to allow yourself to slow down the pace, to soak it all in. Indulge in a morning Matcha meditation that’ll lovingly shield your body and energy for the day ahead.

Step 3: Reflect & Protect with a Whole-Body Gratitude Practice

Before you begin dreading the first day back to work, let’s shift the mindset:

 "I am thankful for my experience. My body allows me to ease back into my life that sustains and provides me with the ability to explore."


Feel better? Me too. 

Balance with Yin Power

The Yin Power blend is one of my beloved companions. She allows for a full body harmonization from the inside out, allowing the grateful mind to connect so the body may receive. With tons of amazing components: Organic Reishi Mushroom, Wildharvested He Shou Wu Extract, Wildharvested Pearl Powder, Tocos, Organic Ashwagandha Extract, Wildharvested Pine Pollen, Wildharvested Astragalus Extract, Organic Shatavari - this is an absolute treat to cap off a blissful vacation. These elements allow for the body to find balance in the physical and emotional states, while boosting the immune system and clarity of mind. Add a teaspoon to a beverage or two on your last vacation day, and continue the consumption on the journey home. You’ll be pleased to feel a halo of loving protection from the moment you set home to the minute you find the comfort of your own bed.

Safe travels, friends!


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Colleen Ordonio

San Diego native, Colleen Grace Ordonio is an RYT-200, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Co-Owner/Herbalist of a pop-up plant medicine bar, Herb + Nectar Botanic Supply. In 2008, yoga became her initial venture into wellness, leading her to an endless journey of conscious growth and self-exploration. One of her greatest passions is to make wellness accessible for all bodies & beings, regardless of socioeconomic status, ability, or identifier. From teaching a variety of styles (including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative) to offering reiki & tea ceremonies, Colleen always creates a sacred container for the healing experience of both the body and mind. Within her yoga classes, she offers an excellent balance of yin + yang , often complimented with reiki and sound healing. She is passionate about healing through the body systems via yogic movement, consumption of plant medicine and transformational foods, and meditation.