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In honor of our 10 year anniversary, well-being coach and sensorial guide Andrea Ochoa and her partner Gregorio have crafted an incredible Breathwork & Movement Meditation & Playlist for us to celebrate a decade in service-- accompanied by a delicious recipe for a mint choco-chip elixir with nutrient rich Ashitaba! In Joy and thank you for being a part of Sun Potion's journey. We appreciate you! 

Breathing is one of the body's greatest gifts and the pillar to our life on this beautiful planet. It’s a wondrous part of us because it’s both an automatic and voluntary action. Because breathing is an automatic function of the body we can sometimes forget to acknowledge its power and overlook the many benefits it brings to our wellbeing. By learning mindful breathing and practicing Breathwork as part of your daily life you can experience deep transformation. It’s a meditation practice that allows us to get into connection with our true self or spirit and can be done by nearly anyone, even those with the busiest of minds.

By focusing our attention on the breath, the mind can finally get a mini-vacation that creates space within us to journey into our inner world. 

Giving yourself even the smallest moment of time to be with essence is truly one of the most loving acts of self-care you can do. Self-care doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. Sometimes it’s the most simple things that can bring us deep joy and gratitude. Breathwork is one of these practices for me. I see it as nature's free and most healing medicine because it’s easy and always accessible. Once you get in connection with this tool you can begin to learn how to adapt different rhythms and techniques of Breathwork to how you want to feel and you can experience an array of benefits. 

Two years ago I was introduced to this practice by my husband Gregorio who had been teaching for 6 years. I am so grateful to have discovered it and since then I have been learning and teaching it around the world with him. After the first time I did it, my life profoundly shifted. I was able to clear deep energetic blocks which allowed me to move forward with a new reinvigorated energy and clarity. It created space within myself to welcome the new and exciting gifts of life. 

Together with Gregorio, we create transformational journeys to support people to evolve and become in closer connection to their highest self. For this experience, we wanted to focus the Breathwork practice on both relaxation and vitality. We carefully curated a unique sound journey to support you to go even deeper and flow even freer. The idea is to give yourself the permission to express authentically and use your inner voice to show you how to navigate the journey. 

To accompany this breathwork and movement practice I’ve created a mint chocolate chip vitality elixir that is refreshing and energizing and compliments the journey seamlessly. Inspired by mint chocolate chip ice cream this sweet and decadent potion is creamy, minty, and has the perfect balance of crunchy chocolate chips. By adding Ashitaba, a Japanese plant known for its longevity properties, it makes this elixir tasty and amazing for your health. It adds a rich source of vitamin B12 and contains cell-regenerating substances called chalcones. I hope you enjoy it. 


To begin your ritual:

  1. Cleanse and create a sacred space by clearing the energy with palo santo or sage. Then add candles, incense, or anything to stimulate your smell.

  2. Get in your coziest clothes. 

  3. Find an area that makes you feel comfortable and safe. 

  4. Make your elixir and set it aside for later. 

  5. Press play on the mix and enjoy the ride. Have a journal handy to reflect on how you feel after. 


Mint Choco-Chip Elixir 


1 cup plant based milk (I used ½ rice milk + ½ almond milk)

2 medjool dates 

½ banana 

Handful of fresh mint 

2 tbsp. coconut butter 

Pinch of cinnamon 

¼ cup ground coconut 

1 tsp. Ashitaba 

½ scoop of sunwarrior vanilla collagen protein powder 

¼ cup cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips 



Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth and creamy. 

Top with coconut and chocolate chips. 


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Andrea Ochoa

Andrea Ochoa is a creative alchemist and creator of beauty. Various forms of expression are her forte. She mixes music and superfood potions, develops beauty products, discovers new ways to reinterpret food into art, creates visual storytelling and is a beauty coach. She is an advocate for guiltless self-care to feel empowered and raise your vibrations on all levels. Beauty is within us all and the magic begins when you embrace your true essence. Born and raised in Miami with Colombian roots, she is currently fulfilling her life long dream of living in Europe and traveling the world.