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For the lovers! A chocolate fondue set-up with added adaptogenic herbs, one of our favorite pairings! Launette has added Reishi for immunity support and marshmallows dusted in Pearl. Try using your favorite adaptogens and herbs on hand, be creative and In Joy!

In the 90’s when I was growing up my Mum had a phase of making chocolate fondue. It was one of those novelty ideas that kept bringing joy and when we had people for dinner it made for a lovely, sociable dessert. 

She’d melt big chunky bars of dark chocolate and we’d dip fresh fruit and use plentiful quantities of little tea lights. 

I guess the chocolate fondue went out of favour and almost acquired a rather ‘unfashionable’ reputation (in the UK we’d say naff!)

When thinking of ideas for my latest Sun Potion recipe, I considered that we all need a little ritual, ceremony and luxury in our lives, in any way we can find it. 

Believe it or not, we don’t often eat desserts or ‘puddings’ in our house (not that we don’t enjoy them with gusto but I rarely find the time to prepare two course meals). I do however eat chocolate after my evening meal most days. This recipe sparked much excitement with my 5 year old twin boys and husband alike. We have now had it both as an evening post-dinner treat and a midday extravagant feast (in the name of recipe development!).

Of course one can simply melt high quality chocolate in the fondue set to dip into, but I went one step further and made a creamy but relatively light concoction.You can then tailor the recipe by adding any of the Sun Potion herbs you are currently working with.

This recipe idea is obviously a very romantic one, ideal for two to share but equally fun for a family to gather round and indulge in. Naturally, those who are alone during this time may find great joy and comfort in preparing such a decadent (yet relatively simple) dessert to celebrate Valentine’s. 

Reishi Chocolate Fondue


For the dipping sauce:

55g cacao liquor

20g cacao butter

120g coconut milk 

2 tbsp. coconut sugar

2 tsp. vanilla paste 

Herb of choice*


For dipping:

fresh or dried fruit



dessert of your choice!


*I added Sun Potion Reishi for the whole family to enjoy since it’s great to strengthen children’s immune systems and has a very neutral taste.

Yin Power would be a great blend to add, as well as any of the mushrooms.

You could also include a tbsp. of Sun Potion Anandamide for a super deep chocolate flavour with all the amazing added extras.  



Start by melting the cacao butter and cacao liquor in a bain-marie.

Add to a blender along with the coconut milk, coconut sugar, vanilla and herb of choice.

 Blend until smooth. You may want to pour back into the Bain Marie until ready to serve or straight into the fondue set (you could also serve individual portions of the chocolate in ramekins).

Serve with fresh and dried fruits, marshmallows or even homemade cookies. 


I had a go at making marshmallows with agar agar powder. They worked great so why not try finding a recipe to suit you?**

I even dusted mine in Sun Potion Pearl powder for a radiance boost. 

**Amrit's Vegan Rose Marshmallows


Launette has been working with unroasted cacao since 2009. She honed her craft in London, making and selling bean to bar chocolate, teaching workshops around the UK, catering supper clubs and working in restaurants.

Her passion for nutrition, the magic of plants and of healing herbs inspires her to constantly dive deeper.  She strives to marry seasonal, organic, biodynamic and wild food with the addition of non-native plants to achieve optimal nutrition for herself and her family.

With a background in music and fine art, she finds being in the kitchen a natural extension of her creative output. She now lives on the edge of the forest in the south of England with her family and finds her relationship with nature only enhances her creativity and connection to food.