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Sun Potion Journal

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.

Taryn Davis

Taryn is an earth loving, plant eating, traveling gal, who is usually, always barefoot. She grew up on a horse ranch in Los Angeles near Topanga Canyon and currently calls the sweet island of Kaua'i home. She spends her days working on her online businesses, gardening, gathering fruit from the trees on her property, surfing, hiking, and taking sunset swims. She openly shares her passion for empowerment, embracing cultures, healthy eating, traveling, photography, art, poetry, and healing from the inside out. She is deeply inspired by the magic that surrounds us everyday and the beauty in slowing down.    @tarynashh

Bree VanZutphen

Bree is a yoga and meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, breathwork facilitator, and a lover of life. Bree started her healing journey after her life as a former dancer. It was then that she found yoga which helped heal her body, mind, and soul. After years of practicing yoga and meditation, Bree discovered active breathwork which was the catalyst to help her move through unprocessed emotions. She believes it is important to incorporate multiple modalities on the healing journey - as what we need changes depending on the season of our life. Her love of teaching came from her love of learning and being a student herself. She is passionate about holding space for students to learn the tools to heal themselves.  @breevanzutphen Clarity and Calm Podcast

Madeleine Trueman

Madeleine is a whole food cook, recipe developer, training pastry chef and nutrition student. She specialises in refined sugar free baking, and believes that healthy food shouldn’t need to compromise on taste. Maddy loves incorporating medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs and superfoods into everyday baking and also has a passion for cooking with fresh, seasonal produce. She spends her free time reading through cookbooks, at the farmer’s market and enjoying multiple cups of hot cacao in the sunshine.  Madeleine is based on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. 

Kiki Athanas

Kiki Athanas, Gut Coach With over a decade of experience in the holistic nutrition & herbal medicine world, Kiki focuses her enthusiasm for healing towards women suffering with "food addictions", unexplainable gut issues, and an unhealthy obsession with diet. She has helped hundreds of women realign to the comfort in their stomach through a very unique recording process which brings balance through honouring hunger & taste. Her signature program, Mind Body Beauty, is well-praised across North America as the most effective way to achieve gut & weight balance - without diets or any food restriction. Kiki is also the Co-Founder of AdaptDaily Gummies, a North American herbs & functional food company that specializes in vegan adaptogen and superfood gummies.

Alice York

Alice York is a yoga teacher, meditation guide, writer, and editor living in Chicago. She is passionate about making the practices of yoga and meditation accessible to all and removing the intimidation factor. Cultivating self-love and kindness, carving out time to simply breathe, and creating a sense of confidence and joy through movement are the foundations of her teaching. You can catch her most weekends hosting workshops on sustainability, poetry, concocting natural beauty products, and the magical powers of plants to heal and enrich our lives, often weaving in lush visualization and guided meditation. Alice is currently studying herbalism, is a level 1 Reiki healer, and is always up for a conversation about fungi. She is a mother to many plants and one senior miniature dachshund. Photo by Jamie Gray

Nikki Haun

Nikki is a photographer living in Los Angeles. She has studied and practiced photography professionally over the past 11 years in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Paris with a broad focus over many subjects such as politics and social justice, sports, nature, lifestyle and wellness. She currently works at Sun Potion as a creative assistant and journal editor.

Georgie Holt

Georgie is an acupuncturist, Chinese nutritional therapist and yin yoga practitioner. She started out as a private chef for professional athletes and now works from her private practice @studio__unfold in London, UK where she treats a myriad of concerns from athletic injuries to chronic fatigue. Her love for real, wholesome and colourful food runs deep and she still does recipe development for cafés/restaurants in her spare time.

Sara Weinreb

Sara Weinreb is a writer, business strategist, and herbalist, and the founder of IMBY, a virtual community center for people who care about co-creating a more just and equitable future. Sara’s writing has been featured in Forbes, healthyish, mindbodygreen, USA Today, Cherry Bombe, The Fullest, and AlleyWatch, amongst others. Sara has consulted to EILEEN FISHER on their woman-owned business grant program, abc carpet & home on their environmental and social impact initiatives, and served as Vice President of Programs and Strategy at PresenTense, a social entrepreneurship accelerator where she worked with over 300 entrepreneurs on building their mission-driven businesses, including developing design thinking curriculum. Sara previously founded an ethical fashion company. When she’s not writing and shopping in the bulk section of health food stores, you can often find Sara on the yoga mat, making herbal elixirs, singing karaoke, and attempting to keep alive her growing collection of plants. A New Yorker, Sara relocated to Denver, Colorado in search of more space and a slower pace of living. Sara Weinreb (she/her) Founder, IMBY, a virtual community center for people who care about co-creating a more just and equitable |  @saraweinreb Freelance writing | Business Consulting

Kerry Ford

Kerry is a holistic/NeuroScience based wellness expert in Tonic herbalism, Intuitive/Quantum healing, Medical Meditation + Spiritual Consulting.  She mentors high performers on how to get UNstuck + step into Peak Purpose, Performance + Creativity, liberating the GENIUS laying dormant in their genes.  A published writer and speaker for the reputable wellness + conscious magazines + media outlets, Kerry has contributed to GOOP approved authors through her blog (Better Apart by Gabrielle Hartley, Elena Brower), penned for THE GOOD MEN PROJECT; featured as guest expert on national radio stations NBC's IHUB RADIO and featured as guest expert in wellness courses alongside Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Marvin Singh for CLEAN EATING MAGAZINE.  She founded NEURO-FLOW, a simple, powerful neuro-roadmap that takes dormant genius + activates it into action, clearing unconscious blocks (beliefs) that stop our flow of Genius to Greatness. R E B E L  D. N. A. @REBELLE_DNA WWW.KERRYFORDCO.COM


Launette has been working with unroasted cacao since 2009. She honed her craft in London, making and selling bean to bar chocolate, teaching workshops around the UK, catering supper clubs and working in restaurants. Her passion for nutrition, the magic of plants and of healing herbs inspires her to constantly dive deeper.  She strives to marry seasonal, organic, biodynamic and wild food with the addition of non-native plants to achieve optimal nutrition for herself and her family. With a background in music and fine art, she finds being in the kitchen a natural extension of her creative output. She now lives on the edge of the forest in the south of England with her family and finds her relationship with nature only enhances her creativity and connection to food. @Launette