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Sun Potion Journal

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.

Aimee Binder

Aimee Binder is a certified health & wellness coach, yoga teacher, yoga nidra and meditation guide. With a strong background in biomedical sciences and public health as well, her approach combines both ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience to create practices that are truly practical.  Aimee’s coaching focuses on helping overwhelmed perfectionists and overacheivers to liberate themselves from stress and thrive in their full potential through nervous system regulation and mental reprogramming. In addition to tapping into the wealth of wisdom that lies within, Aimee has a passion for community building and believes strongly in the power of relational healing, making her retreats even more profound in shifting limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs.

Melissa Schwimmer

Melissa Schwimmer is a private chef, food stylist and holistic nutritionist. She connects to all things edible and has an unbelievable love for farms and farmers markets. Her mission in life is to change the world through food starting with what we consume day to day. Melissa believes that creating a more sustainable food system with less waste and an emphasis on whole unprocessed foods is the key to a better future.

McCauley Tawpash

Women's Holistic Health Coach + Wellness Chef, photographer, dog lover, adventurer, and human on a journey....just like you! I’m devoted to helping women experience the magic of a plant-based lifestyle with simple (and delicious!) recipes and self-care techniques that are designed to bring your body into balance. After experiencing my own health challenges, I learned to use a “food as medicine” approach and began developing my own recipes to support my body. This was so key to me finding balance again. Here, I share plant-forward recipes, lifestyle tips, and tricks on how to eat with more intention and start integrating the unique daily care you need to feel your best.  

Jason Pabst

Jason's biggest passion in life is to celebrate health and culture through plant-based cuisine. To Jason, plant-based means eating patterns focused primarily or solely on nourishing plant foods, ranging from fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds, legumes, whole grains, and small amounts of high-quality, consciously sourced fish and meats for those whose dietary needs require so. He currently serves as a self-trained private chef, culinary consultant and health coach. Jason uses his culinary creations, best described as simple, seasonal, feel good food, as a means to improve the health of his clients, both mentally and physically, and to pay homage to and celebrate cultural experiences he is inspired by.  Jason's goal is to encourage people to develop deeper, more compassionate relationships with food, people and nature to lead them toward more grounded, healthier lifestyles filled with joy and vitality. Such practices include eating a diet rich in high quality plant-based foods, staying physically active, connecting with nature, and surrounding oneself with a supportive kin. Doing so has brought greater joy, positivity, vitality and opportunities to Jason's life. He puts this energy into his profession and feels that it shows in the lives of the people he has the opportunity to work with or develop relationships with.  Jason spends most of his free time outdoors in nature hiking, biking, swimming or just hanging out. He believes that the outdoors is therapeutic, serving as medicine for both mental and physical health. It helps keep him grounded, relieve stress, calm the mind, increase longevity and stay physically active.

Christopher Rayman

Chef Christopher Rayman is a classically trained chef with 20 + years of experience in  primarily plant-based cuisine with a focus in wild fermentation. Many years of experimenting in professional kitchens and home crafting nut-based artisanal cheeses, led him to establishing Sproutcraft in 2015 in Santa Barbara California. His passion for high vibrational foods and connecting to one’s inner source led him into an inspiring array of food alchemy and towards crafting other products; kombucha/jun, lacto-fermented vegetables and sourdough bread. He believes strongly in a zero-waste way of approaching ingredients and this is prevalent in the cuisine that he crafts: most of everything is utilized and the key being the magic of fermentation and its’ inherent ability to preserve food and  prolong the foods we love while in season. With that comes a hyper-local, farm to table sensitivity and supporting farmers as near to home as possible. In service to the wellbeing of people and the planet, Christopher dedicates his life to creating nourishment that is healing and regenerative for all.

Chelsea Clark

she/her Chelsea Clark, MPH, CCPH is a plant-based public health specialist, wellness writer, and content creator. Through her blog, That’s Chelsea, she keeps her ingredient-conscious community informed of the latest plant-based, soy-free, and gluten-free trends. Blending knowledge and expertise with a relatable voice, Chelsea’s work has been featured on various media outlets and lifestyle publications.

Jennifer Kurdyla

Jennifer Kurdyla is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, yoga teacher, and writer. Plant-based since 2008, she learned to love food by experimenting with vegan and Ayurvedic cooking in her tiny New York kitchens. She is the co-author of Root & Nourish: An Herbal Cookbook for Women's Wellness, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Read more about her wellness services and educational resources at and on Instagram @jenniferkurdyla. Author photo: Lydia Billings

Zoey Xinyi Gong

Zoey Gong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chef and nutritionist. She is the founder of Five Seasons TCM, a BIPOC-founded boutique wellness brand that shares and modernizes the knowledge of TCM food therapy through educational content, functional products, and its avant-garde aesthetic. Born in Shanghai, China, Zoey started her journey as a healer by healing herself, who once had two breast tumors, constant skin rashes, amenorrhea, and joint pain. Living in New York City since 2015, she now holds a B.S. in nutrition as well as public health from New York University, 200-hr yoga instructor certification, Meridian Yoga Therapy certification, a registered dietitian (R.D.) candidate, and is currently pursing her M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Health and Sciences. Passionate about culture, Zoey has travelled to nearly 30 countries, incorporating various cultural traditions into her cooking and treatments. With an eye for beauty and cultural heritage, Zoey is dedicated to modernize Traditional Chinese Medicine, making it a relevant and practical lifestyle for all. Besides TCM and cuisine, she paints and designs jade jewelry. @zoeyxinyigong

Naeemah Fletcher

My name is Naeemah Fletcher, I am a mother to an amazing teenager.   I am a Philadelphia based health coach with a passion for living naturally, nourishing my body with plant based foods, traveling and all things health and wellness, including essential oils, herbs and adaptogens.   I have a degree in literature but I have always had a love of food.   Growing up I spent most summers in the South running around barefoot and eating food grown and prepared with love. This is where I learned to garden and really connect to my food. Some of my fondest memories as a child are related to food, family and spending time in the kitchen helping my mother and grandmother cook, bake and get ready for parties.   I love helping people and being of service. My business is in perfect alignment with my passions. I am able to support my clients by coaching them in areas where they feel stuck. My local clients are able to purchase homemade plant-based items that are healthy and ready to enjoy so that making healthy choices becomes much easier for them.   Taking care of my body is very important to me. My daily self care routine includes all the things that make me feel good, like moving my body, drinking herbal infusions, reading, mediating, journaling and eating seasonally from local farmer’s markets. @nourishwithnaeemah

Andie Kalifer

Andie Kalifer is a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist and certified nutritional practitioner. Andie encourages a mindset that food is nourishment and that it’s so important to look at our health with a 360 degree approach, taking into account what you eat, what you expose yourself to and how you take care of your emotional wellbeing.   Andie is passionate about living her life as naturally as possible while supporting the environment around her. She loves spending time in nature and is a big advocate of getting outside, moving her body and eating whole foods. Andie’s mindset is simple: she believes in eating organic as much as possible, a plate filled with all the colors of the rainbow and superfoods, she looks at ingredients rather than labels, and no intense dieting, rather a balanced lifestyle. She loves being in the country with her shoes off, and most importantly - water. Hydration is key.   Andie works with clients on a daily basis to support and educate them on being more mindful and understanding the importance of nutrition and how we can use it as a preventive healthcare system. She specializes in digestive health, stress, adrenal fatigue and weight management. Her passion is to get others nourishing their bodies, eating healthier and living their life a little more holistically!  @andiekalifer