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Zoey Xinyi Gong

Zoey Gong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chef and nutritionist. She is the founder of Five Seasons TCM, a BIPOC-founded boutique wellness brand that shares and modernizes the knowledge of TCM food therapy through educational content, functional products, and its avant-garde aesthetic.

Born in Shanghai, China, Zoey started her journey as a healer by healing herself, who once had two breast tumors, constant skin rashes, amenorrhea, and joint pain. Living in New York City since 2015, she now holds a B.S. in nutrition as well as public health from New York University, 200-hr yoga instructor certification, Meridian Yoga Therapy certification, a registered dietitian (R.D.) candidate, and is currently pursing her M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Health and Sciences. Passionate about culture, Zoey has travelled to nearly 30 countries, incorporating various cultural traditions into her cooking and treatments.

With an eye for beauty and cultural heritage, Zoey is dedicated to modernize Traditional Chinese Medicine, making it a relevant and practical lifestyle for all.

Besides TCM and cuisine, she paints and designs jade jewelry.