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Anna Patrikian

Anna is a food stylist living in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Healthy living was always a way of life for Anna as she was born in Moscow, Russia where she started her life foraging mushrooms and eating garden-grown food from her countryside home before moving to the States as a young child. Anna's cultural background played a major role in her love for thoughtful hospitality, and she naturally became a cook and dedicated host paying high attention to detail when architecting dinner party experiences. 

As part of her personal healing journey, Anna developed a passion for learning about honoring the body’s healing abilities, especially relating to digestive health, and is currently enrolled in school for Nutritional Therapy. She plans to learn comprehensive functional nutrition in order to help her community by providing guidance on the most effective healing protocols using food as medicine. 

When she's not cooking, Anna loves being in nature, hiking most days in the San Gabriel Mountains. In general, she loves conversation and discussion over understanding new concepts and perspectives, and considers herself to be an observer. She is most fulfilled when she is moving, eating intuitively, practicing self-care, and living mindfully.