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Andie Kalifer

Andie Kalifer is a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist and certified nutritional practitioner. Andie encourages a mindset that food is nourishment and that it’s so important to look at our health with a 360 degree approach, taking into account what you eat, what you expose yourself to and how you take care of your emotional wellbeing.  

Andie is passionate about living her life as naturally as possible while supporting the environment around her. She loves spending time in nature and is a big advocate of getting outside, moving her body and eating whole foods. Andie’s mindset is simple: she believes in eating organic as much as possible, a plate filled with all the colors of the rainbow and superfoods, she looks at ingredients rather than labels, and no intense dieting, rather a balanced lifestyle. She loves being in the country with her shoes off, and most importantly - water. Hydration is key.  

Andie works with clients on a daily basis to support and educate them on being more mindful and understanding the importance of nutrition and how we can use it as a preventive healthcare system. She specializes in digestive health, stress, adrenal fatigue and weight management. Her passion is to get others nourishing their bodies, eating healthier and living their life a little more holistically!