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Jason Pabst

Jason's biggest passion in life is to celebrate health and culture through plant-based cuisine. To Jason, plant-based means eating patterns focused primarily or solely on nourishing plant foods, ranging from fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds, legumes, whole grains, and small amounts of high-quality, consciously sourced fish and meats for those whose dietary needs require so. He currently serves as a self-trained private chef, culinary consultant and health coach. Jason uses his culinary creations, best described as simple, seasonal, feel good food, as a means to improve the health of his clients, both mentally and physically, and to pay homage to and celebrate cultural experiences he is inspired by. 

Jason's goal is to encourage people to develop deeper, more compassionate relationships with food, people and nature to lead them toward more grounded, healthier lifestyles filled with joy and vitality. Such practices include eating a diet rich in high quality plant-based foods, staying physically active, connecting with nature, and surrounding oneself with a supportive kin. Doing so has brought greater joy, positivity, vitality and opportunities to Jason's life. He puts this energy into his profession and feels that it shows in the lives of the people he has the opportunity to work with or develop relationships with. 

Jason spends most of his free time outdoors in nature hiking, biking, swimming or just hanging out. He believes that the outdoors is therapeutic, serving as medicine for both mental and physical health. It helps keep him grounded, relieve stress, calm the mind, increase longevity and stay physically active.