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Christopher Rayman

Chef Christopher Rayman is a classically trained chef with 20 + years of experience in  primarily plant-based cuisine with a focus in wild fermentation. Many years of experimenting in professional kitchens and home crafting nut-based artisanal cheeses, led him to establishing Sproutcraft in 2015 in Santa Barbara California. His passion for high vibrational foods and connecting to one’s inner source led him into an inspiring array of food alchemy and towards crafting other products; kombucha/jun, lacto-fermented vegetables and sourdough bread. He believes strongly in a zero-waste way of approaching ingredients and this is prevalent in the cuisine that he crafts: most of everything is utilized and the key being the magic of fermentation and its’ inherent ability to preserve food and  prolong the foods we love while in season. With that comes a hyper-local, farm to table sensitivity and supporting farmers as near to home as possible. In service to the wellbeing of people and the planet, Christopher dedicates his life to creating nourishment that is healing and regenerative for all.