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Sun Potion Journal

Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.


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Hey Sun Potion, I just had my second miscarriage in the last year. See I have a healthy four year old, and all the test have ruled out known fertility issues...

"...I should be able to have another child medically speaking especially since I have had one alr...

I have something called idiopathic hypersomnia, which basically means I'm extremely sleepy all the time...

"'s like narcolepsy, but taking naps or sleeping a lot doesn't actually help. Do you have an...


    Contributor: Cathryn Fowler |
    This week we are celebrating recipes that inspire us to love more and create time to nourish our minds, hearts and bodies. In honor of this, we are delighted to share this sweet “love inspired” recipe from Cathryn Fowler - a dessert filled with superfoods - cacao, veggies, good fats and...

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    Contributor: Brianna Beard |
    An apple rose tart to satisfy your sweet (adaptogenic) romantic cravings... Brianna Beard has created this plant based, brain-enriching dessert fueled by Chaga mushroom, which contains a strong source of Zinc and Sun Potion Pearl, a sustainable freshwater source that works to support skin health and bone health. This is the perfect dessert to have with your favorite tea, creative / emotional moment, or to share with friends. Beard humbly assures us that the complex look is actually quite simple to recreate at home - we are in love!!!

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    Contributor: Kiana Reeves |
    Kiana Reeves is a Mother, birth and post-partum Doula, Sexological Bodyworker, STREAM practitioner, co-founder of The Tulip, and the Director of Education for Foria. We are beyond honored to share her wisdom and perspective on pelvic and sexual health with you - especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner. In this sensitive, detailed article she shares five practices and tools for supporting daily pelvic health... from Vulva Mapping to vaginal steaming an Intentional Masturbation.... Kiana sets a safe and accessible foundation for deepening our sensual well-being. With all the superficial romantic hype of the Valentine/commercial holiday agenda this week we can not think of a better moment to dive into this work. Thank...

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    Contributor: Brianna Beard |
    Brianna Beard has created a recipe to delight the senses and salad lovers!  With an upgraded Caesar dressing spiked with our "Dopamine Bean," Mucuna Pruriens - this salad elevates the mood while providing all the chlorophyll and enzymes....

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    SCOTT LINDE || Reflecting on 8 years with Sun Potion

    Contributor: Nitsa Citrine |
    "If I could change one thing about the world it would be to have more people having these herbs on a daily basis so that they might express more of their inherent latent potentials, creativity, what their purpose is for being here on the planet...”     This week, we celebrate the birthday of Sun Potion as it completes its eighth cycle around the sun! In honor of our anniversary, we are sharing our interview with Sun Potion owner and founder, Scott Linde. Our Creative Director Nitsa Citrine sat down with him recently to reflect on the past eight years of his...

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    Contributor: Rocio Graves |
    This creamy, antioxidant rich beauty and heart nourishing tonic created by slow food Chef and Photographer Rocio Graves is an absolutely dreamy way to begin the day. Rocio follows her intuition in the kitchen - and alchemizes with a beautiful blend of superfoods and adapgogens -Pine Pollen,  Pearl, Tocos, Ashwagandha - all added to hemp seeds, goji berries, grass-fed ghee in a tulsi rose tea base ....... divine!

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    Contributor: Brianna Beard |
    Brianna Beard has crafted these medicinal chocolate medallions using some of her favorite mushroom powders ~ Cordyceps for its support with muscular health and longevity and Lion's Mane for its cognitive benefits. This decadent, nutrient-rich recipe is the perfect brain snack for busy moments, the end of the week or when you're just craving a little high-vibe chocolate..

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    Contributor: Elena Hight |
    In celebration of the winter season, we connected with the two-time Olympian, X Games Gold Medalist, and Sun Potion user - Elena Hight…. Elena graciously shares her experiences as an athlete and human being with us.... we are deeply honored and inspired by her presence on the planet!

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    Contributor: Cathryn Fowler |
    Animation artist and filmmaker Cathryn Fowler is a believer in "food as medicine." This week she shares her Marshmallow Crunch Clusters (complete with a Reishi chocolate sauce of dreams) to inspire health enthusiasts and desert-lovers alike... Watch (prepare to drool a bit) and learn how to prepare this nutrient-dense, gut nourishing treat!

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    Contributor: Sophie Haber |
    Writer / storyteller Sophie Haber pulls inspiration from nature and the women around her - all of which can be seen and tasted in this luscious, adaptogenic tartine she created for her monthly Sacred Women’s Writing Circle. In her words, a “treat to offer in honour of the full moon and to invoke the feminine. Yes, it is truly a feast to conjure oxytocin!”  What magical nourishment Sophie has created- we need this in our lives.

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Transformational foods for a transformational life

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