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Contributor: Brianna Beard

"Through the medicinal food that I create and feed myself, I am able to shine my light and be a responsible, respectful human to myself, my family, friends, strangers, animals and most importantly our earth."

These Transcendent Triphala Truffles by Brianna Beard were crafted with the current moment in mind. These artisanal treats were created to support whole-body harmonization and reset our digestive health, allowing the gentle removal of toxins, encouraging healing and nourishing our well being.

KNOW that there is magic inside of you, because the earth itself is a magical place and you are a part of the earth in every way!

The air you breath. 

The food you eat. 

The water you drink. 

You are made of these things and the earth provides them for you. 

When the soil is toxic and the air polluted not only does the earth suffer, so do we.

Now more than ever she needs our attention, our kindness, our compassion, our wise decisions, our gratitude, our discernment, our integrity and most importantly our magic!

My magic has always happened in the kitchen. Through the medicinal food that I create and feed myself, I am able to shine my light and be a responsible, respectful human to myself, my family, friends, strangers, animals and most importantly our earth.  

In these truffles I did an almond orange zest coating to energize the spirit. Orange is bright and uplifting, which is something I feel we could all use right now! I also boosted the recipe with Sun Potion’s Transcendent ElixirTriphala. I hope you enjoy these medicinal chocolate truffles with metabolism boosting, digestive healing Triphala.

Transcendent Triphala Truffles



1 cup coconut cream 

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1 1/2 cups pitted dates (soaked in hot water for 15 minutes)

6-8 dropperful of Sun Potion Triphala Transcendent Elixir



1/2 cup almonds

1/4 cup date or coconut sugar

1/4 cup cacao powder

zest of 1/4 of an orange

pinch of sea salt



First place all of the ingredients for the coating into the food processor and blend into a crumble, set aside in a bowl

For the truffles be sure to separate the thick coconut cream from the liquid (This is done easily by opening the can from the bottom and draining out the liquid)

Place all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend for a while, several minutes until it is creamy and smooth

Scrape out the mixture and place into a bowl, refrigerate for an hour

Pull it out and roll into balls

After you have formed truffle balls, place the coating in a shallow dish and roll the balls in it to give it a beautiful bright finish


Images by Brianna Beard

For more cacao goodness, try Brianna's Longevity Brownies!

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Brianna Beard

My fondest memory of childhood was my first trip to Hawaii. Everything was so vibrant and fresh. The first time I tasted a mango I became obsessed with food in that form, simple and unprocessed. I’ve gone through every food phase, from vegetarian to vegan to pescatarian to completely raw. Through those experiences I have discovered I need flexibility in order to maintain balance. So my approach now is MOSTLY plant based with medicinal herbs and adaptogens infused into as many meals as possible. The food I make is an exploration of the unlimited potential of nature, preparing foods with seeds, nuts, roots, stems, pollens, algae, seaweeds, fungi, sprouts, leaves and flowers!


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