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Raw and delicious, these Shatavari Transcendent Elixir infused rose macaroons are just what we needed! No baking required, we invite you to try this recipe for yourself. Brianna Beard's creativity in the kitchen is constantly inspiring us!
When I was 18 years old my friend opened a Raw Food Restaurant in Encinitas, California. It was then that I fell in love with Raw Food and cultivated a deep sense of appreciation for the life force in foods that are untouched and in their natural state. This was one of the many simple and nutritious desserts on the menu, I just added a few of my own personal touches, like rose petals and Shatavari Transcendent Elixir. What the heck is Shatavari? This is a beautiful herb that is very nourishing for the reproductive system. My reproductive organs are healing still after the birth of my first son so I am taking the elixir under my tongue daily, but I also wanted to make a tasty treat to enjoy! This recipe is very simple and I hope you give them a try.

Shatavari Rose Macaroons 


1 cup raw walnuts

1/2 cup almond butter

2 cups shredded coconut

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup light agave/honey or maple syrup

4-5 droppers Sun Potion Shatavari Transcendent Elixir

1 tbsp. dried rose petals (optional)

Pinch of sea salt



First, blend the walnuts into small pieces in your food processor

Then add the remaining ingredients and pulse until we’ll mixed

Refrigerate for an hour and once firm grill into balls or form into cookies, keep in the refrigerator and enjoy!




Images courtesy of Brianna Beard

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Brianna Beard

My fondest memory of childhood was my first trip to Hawaii. Everything was so vibrant and fresh. The first time I tasted a mango I became obsessed with food in that form, simple and unprocessed. I’ve gone through every food phase, from vegetarian to vegan to pescatarian to completely raw. Through those experiences I have discovered I need flexibility in order to maintain balance. So my approach now is MOSTLY plant based with medicinal herbs and adaptogens infused into as many meals as possible. The food I make is an exploration of the unlimited potential of nature, preparing foods with seeds, nuts, roots, stems, pollens, algae, seaweeds, fungi, sprouts, leaves and flowers!