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Encouraged by the autumnal transition, Desiree Pais puts together a roundup of the most balancing products for Fall to keep her skin glowing and radiant all season long. 

As the seasons change, I love to shift my routine to support my body and skin. I've dealt with skin conditions for so many years, from acne and breakouts to excessively dry skin... I’m always looking for ways to keep my body in total balance. 

Transitioning into Autumn means that the air is drier and cooler, which in turn can make our bodies experience the same manifestations. After spending many years studying Eastern Medicine, I have found that Chinese Medicine does the best job at explaining and sharing how the body is completely interconnected and how we can use these inner-workings to support our vitality. 

In the Fall, the lungs and the large intestine are the predominant organs of the season, meaning these are the first two that may be affected. In turn, I’m always trying to do whatever I can to support and nourish these organs over those next few months. These organs also affect the health and vitality of our skin: when we’re not breathing deeply and getting enough oxygen into our system, it shows up on our skin. Additionally, if our large intestine isn’t working efficiently, then our systems of elimination become, well, backed up. And since our skin is the largest organ, it will try to make up for where toxins aren’t being released through our elimination system and we may experience things like clogged pores and breakouts. 

So as you can see, everything is really working together to create the perfect system of harmony for our radiance, but during seasonal transitions we always want to help support the organ systems that are predominant so that we don’t experience the symptoms that may arise. Here are some of my favorite Sun Potion products for Fall that align with supporting my entire system during the season to help keep my body happy and my skin glowing. 


One of my absolute favorite Sun Potion products, Tocos is the ultimate skin healer. Rich in Vitamin E, Tocos is absolutely nourishing and can be used in many different ways. I love to add it into my face masks to deliver a rich dose of skin-healing Vitamin E or add a tablespoon into my morning coffee for a creamy and sweet nutritional boost to promote healthy and glowing skin. I always make sure to enjoy as much Tocos as possible during the colder and dryer months, so that I can nourish my skin from the inside out. 


This powerful herbal blend is one that I don’t go a day without. For me, the most important thing to healthy and glowing skin is to make sure that all systems of elimination are functioning smoothly. Triphala is one of the most potent Ayurvedic blends that help to support systems of elimination, aid digestion and help to detoxify the body without stripping away essential nutrients. I never go a day without taking this! I love to use a few drops of this elixir under my tongue before bed or add into my tea so that I can wake up ensuring the day moves smoothly.


Sun Potion’s Shea Butter is literally my favorite thing on the entire planet. Not only does it smell absolutely divine but it’s so versatile and utterly healing that I use it for almost everything. Not only does it help to balance skin pH but it also works to draw moisture into the skin, which is essential during the drier months of the year. Dryness is the first stepping stone to the manifestations of conditions like fine lines, wrinkles and even breakouts, so loading up on Shea Butter is absolutely essential! After showering, I take a scoop and massage it all over my body + face, making sure to spend time blending into skin, which helps to bring fresh circulation to the area for added healing benefits.


Desirée Pais

At 17, Desirée Pais moved to New York City to study fashion journalism at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Bold and ready to learn, Desirée landed opportunities working for/alongside some of the best in the industry: BPCM, Natalie Joos, BlackBook Magazine, Refinery29, Medium Concepts, Isaora.

In 2010, Desirée became fascinated with the mind-body connection and began studying Yoga. She completed a 200hr certification followed by an advanced training in Hatha Yoga + Tibetan Buddhist lineages. Along the way, through a synchronous encounter with Daoist Grandmaster Sung Baek, he inspired her to begin studying Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

In 2014 she found Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, which was life changing to say the least. Two years later, Desiree completed her third yoga Teacher Training, Level 1 Kundalini Yoga + Meditation with Harijiwan, Tej, Guru Jagat, and Gurujas in Los Angeles.

She currently teaches Kundalini Yoga + Meditation classes and workshops around the city and is Creative Consultant living in Brooklyn.