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This morning we are waking up with a super dreamy sound mix, morning ritual and an energizing nectar recipe all created for YOU by Andrea Ochoa. We recommend experiencing this ritual this weekend, when you find yourself with a little time to spare in the morning. Take your time, turn on the music and slowly sip on this delicious and energizing nectar.
In Joy!



Mornings are a sacred time where we have the opportunity to connect to ourselves before jumping into the craziness of life. Giving yourself the gift of self-love before you plug in is one of the most loving things you can do, for you. A morning practice can change the way you show up in the world because it allows you to create a foundation for the day. By honoring yourself in the morning you take your power back to set the tone. The magic happens here, it’s where you cultivate intentions, gratitude, and gain clarity to be able to step into life empowered with energy, confidence, and positivity. The beauty of creating a morning routine for yourself is rewarding, enjoy the journey of discovering the ingredients for the recipe that will allow you to thrive. 

In a perfect world, we would have several hours every morning to ourselves however that’s not always reality and not an excuse because we can always adapt to our busy schedules. Instead of not doing anything at all, doing something is far better. Making small changes to your daily habits have longterm fulfilling effects. 

One easy way to create a morning ritual for yourself is to enjoy a healthy high vibrational drink to give your body the nutrients and nourishment it deserves. Transform your day with this morning energizer nectar, which is an upgraded version of old school orange juice. This fruity combination of healing superfoods and fruits promotes vitality, anti-inflammation, immunity strength, and has lots of vitamins for your daily power boost. We have combined the sweetness of carrot juice with the tangy juiciness of oranges to make the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Turmeric and cinnamon add medicinal healing powers to the kick of Vitamin C. The power of Ashwagandha supports your immune system, reduces stress, inspires strength, and vitality for a power boost of natural energy for the day.

To experience a multisensory morning routine, allow yourself to indulge in this ritual. 

Magic Morning Ritual

As you wake up, leave your phone on airplane mode. Do what feels best to feel good in the morning. Stay in your pjs or comfy clothes. 

Next, create the morning energizer vibrant nectar (recipe below). 

Grab a speaker or headphones. Find an area in your house where you can relax and then move a bit. Grab a pillow. Make the space sacred. Turn on candles or incense if you wish. 

Settle in the space and begin by sitting down or finding a comfortable position. Press play. Grab your drink and enjoy it throughout the musical journey. We suggest allowing yourself to allow the sounds of the music to guide you to do what intuitively feels best. 

The intention of the mix is to inspire gentle meditation at the beginning followed by some movement. Let your body move freely and have fun. 


Morning Energizer Nectar


1/2 cup of fresh orange juice (can be made using a juicer or store-bought*)

1/2 cup of fresh carrot juice (can be made using a juicer or store-bought*)

1 tbsp. of lemon juice 

1/2 tsp. of turmeric

pinch of black pepper 

1/2 tsp. of cinnamon 

1 tsp. of Ashwagandha

1/4 tsp. of coconut sugar (optional) 

1 handful of ice  

*Please be mindful of ingredients. Opt for organic if you can and juices with no added sweeteners. 



Juice orange, carrots, and lemon if using a juicer. 

If using store-bought juice, add all ingredients into a blender and blend on high speed until all the ice is crushed and the liquid is smooth. 

Then place a mesh strainer over a bowl and pour blended juice over the strainer and enjoy! 


Andrea Ochoa

Andrea Ochoa is a creative alchemist and creator of beauty. Various forms of expression are her forte. She mixes music and superfood potions, develops beauty products, discovers new ways to reinterpret food into art, creates visual storytelling and is a beauty coach. She is an advocate for guiltless self-care to feel empowered and raise your vibrations on all levels. Beauty is within us all and the magic begins when you embrace your true essence. Born and raised in Miami with Colombian roots, she is currently fulfilling her life long dream of living in Europe and traveling the world.