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"This tonic is the perfect treat for calming down my nervous system, helping me to unwind and opening my heart before bed..."  Holistic Health Coach Naeemah has crafted this recipe that helps her achieve a good night's rest! Cacao is a powerful and delicious ingredient packed with nutrients and minerals and when incorporated with adaptogens, its next level. We invite you to make this potion before bed to support a healthy night's sleep.

This tonic has become my new favorite bedtime beverage. I love nourishing my body and this tonic is the perfect treat for calming down my nervous system, helping me to unwind and opening my heart before bed.  

Cacao is very nutrient dense, it’s high in anti-oxidants, potassium and  magnesium. Magnesium is another great nutrient for calming down the body,  which is exactly what we need before we prepare for sleep. I also love adding Reishi to this tonic. Reishi is great for boosting the immune system, calming the mind and promoting sleep. When I consume this tonic I know that I am  nourishing my body, mind and spirit.  

I am normally a tea drinker before bed but there are some nights when I just want a little chocolate. I wanted to create something that was quick, delicious, and nourishing. This is a healthy bedtime beverage that the entire family can enjoy. 

This tonic can be enjoyed any time of the day but I especially love making a cup before bed when it’s time for me to calm down and mellow out for the evening.  

Iced Cacao

Two servings 8 oz. each // One 16 oz. serving 


1 tbsp. cacao powder 

1 tbsp. Anandamide 

1 tsp. Reishi powder

1 tbsp. maple syrup (sweeten to taste) 

pinch of pink salt 

2 cups plant-based milk 

ice (if desired) 

splash of boiling water



Place ice into glass(es).

Add cacao powder, Anandamide, Reishi powder, salt, maple syrup and boiling water into a heat safe mixing cup, mix well.

Pour plant milk over ice, then strain cacao mixture over ice.

Alternatively, add milk to cacao mixture, pour over ice and stir.*


    *I prefer to strain the mixture through a sieve and into my glass, it’s not necessary but it creates a smooth beverage.

    Naeemah Fletcher

    My name is Naeemah Fletcher, I am a mother to an amazing teenager.  

    I am a Philadelphia based health coach with a passion for living naturally, nourishing my body with plant based foods, traveling and all things health and wellness, including essential oils, herbs and adaptogens.  

    I have a degree in literature but I have always had a love of food.  

    Growing up I spent most summers in the South running around barefoot and eating food grown and prepared with love. This is where I learned to garden and really connect to my food. Some of my fondest memories as a child are related to food, family and spending time in the kitchen helping my mother and grandmother cook, bake and get ready for parties.  

    I love helping people and being of service. My business is in perfect alignment with my passions. I am able to support my clients by coaching them in areas where they feel stuck. My local clients are able to purchase homemade plant-based items that are healthy and ready to enjoy so that making healthy choices becomes much easier for them.  

    Taking care of my body is very important to me. My daily self care routine includes all the things that make me feel good, like moving my body, drinking herbal infusions, reading, mediating, journaling and eating seasonally from local farmer’s markets.