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An evening under the stars in Santa Barbara celebrating the launch of our newest Transcendent Elixirs. From ‘spiked’ Kombucha Cocktails to a decadent plant-based dinner prepared by Chef Chris Rayman, read more for a full recap on our Launch Dinner and how we welcomed our Transcendent Elixirs to the Sun Potion family.

Last Saturday evening, we gathered with friends + family under the twilight of Santa Barbara to celebrate our new Transcendent Elixirs. A collection of triple-extract, liquid, Vedic alchemies, these Elixirs are finally here for your utmost vitality and well-being. 

The launch of this collection comes after nine years of sourcing, formulating and perfecting these Vedic alchemies and is a project that is extremely near and dear to our hearts. After nearly a decade of working tirelessly on this passion project, we wanted to celebrate and IN-JOY the fruits of happy labor. Every part of this dinner was a collaboration, bringing together community and friendship to celebrate a new chapter at Sun Potion. 

We began the evening’s dinner party with Kombucha ‘cocktails’, blending Pine Pollen and Sun Potion’s newest Transcendent Elixirs. Each of the Elixirs contains potent benefits, like Ashwaganda, also known as the ‘Bliss Activator’ which helps enhance the mood and boosts the immune system or Mucuna Pruriens, known to help soothe the nervous system and inspire creativity.  

As the sun began to set, we sat beneath the stars to enjoy a delicious dinner by candlelight prepared by the incomparable Chef Chris Rayman. Featuring seasonal ingredients sourced from our local organic farms, the entire meal was plant-based and utterly delicious. 

The evening continued with music, conversation, laughter, and by the end of the night, all of us transcended into the most perfect, glowing bliss.

To share the magic of this evening with you, here is the divine recipe of our Kombucha ‘Cocktails’ and how to ‘spike’ them with the elixir of your choice:

The Kombucha Cocktail


1.5 liters GT's Kombucha (Trilogy + Guava flavors)

3 tbsp. Pine Pollen

3 droppers (full) of the following elixirs: Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Mucuna Pruriens, and Shatavari



Fill a 2 liter container 2/3 the way with kombucha and add 3 tbsp. Pine Pollen, allow to froth up and settle on its own

Pour into individual stemless wine glasses (or in a chilled martini glass)

Add On's

Option to garnish with edible flowers and ice

Add an extra dropper of desired elixir for higher potency



Photography: Nikki Haun

Recipe by: Nitsa Citrine