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Is it safe to take Reishi and/or Ashwagandha along with Zoloft?

Hi there! We recommend reaching out directly to a practitioner or herbalist who may be familiar w...

What do you recommend for breastfeeding mamas?

Hi! We would be happy to offer some guidance on adaptogens while breastfeeding... Since we are no...

Can you direct me towards pregnancy and post-partum friendly adaptogens and sun potions? Thank you!

Hi there! Thank you for asking...because we are not health care providers, we cannot provide any ...

Do you have a potion I can travel with for optimal gut health? Thanks

Adaptogens and tonic herbs can support gut health, some like Reishi and Ashwagandha support gut health due to their ability to lower inflammation in the body. Additionally, Triphala is a wonderful traveler's tonic! We recently published two pieces on adaptogens that may support gut/digestive health, we recommend checking them out!




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