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Grateful to be sharing this interview with Fernando Aciar, artist and chef who created these limited edition ceramic, hand-painted Matcha cups for us here at Sun Potion and all of you! Dive in for a closer look into the world of FEFO!
To purchase a cup for your #apotionaday, head here!

We are so in love with these new Autumnal ceramic matcha cups designed and handcrafted by artist and chef Fernando Aciar of Fefostudio. Their earthy, golden tones, beautiful shapes and unique, ergonomic design make them an inspiring vessel to enjoy your morning coffee, elixir or matcha lattes. Creative, Fernando Aciar is also the founder of OSTUDIO, a shared work space for creatives in Brooklyn, New York. 

Sun Potion: Fernando, when did you know you wanted to be a ceramist and what was the first thing you created?

Fernando Aciar: When I was 10 years old I was obsessed with ceramics, I only did it for 2 years but 30 years later I felt the need to go back. The first thing I created when I started up again was a platter for olives for my wife, since we like to eat and entertain a lot.

What was your design inspiration for the cups you created for us here at Sun Potion?

The inspiration comes from the sun, holding a sun in your hands, the sunset, a positive sign with the colors in mind.

Fefostudio Matcha Cups for Sun Potion

Can you describe the choice of clay used for your ceramics? Is there anything unique about the clay and pigments that you work with?

I use a natural, nude color as a clay base. I add pigments and sand to make it stronger and more resistant.

We love the thumbprints on the matcha cups and your other work! What inspired you to create this design for us?

I try to create pieces that are an extension of our body shapes, the thumbprints create the natural shape to hold the cup in our hands, I use the thumbprints on all of my cups.

Selection of Fefo tablewear

Please tell us more about OSTUDIO and OCAFE and how that creative hub came to life?

I opened OCAFE 10 years ago in the heart of the West Village in Manhattan and instantly it became this vibrant, happy place to be in. Year after year we attracted the most incredible community of artists, foodies and locals looking for conscious eating in line with the trends in a simple and honest place. Since I started fefostudio 5 years ago, I was struggling to manage my time between the physical spaces of studio and cafes which led me to the desire to create a common space. So OSTUDIO was born. OSTUDIO has been open for 16 months and we are a community of foodies, artists, and creatives making and sharing under the same roof. Today we are more than just 24 studios, we are a community of passionate people. We have a cafe-wine bar, a natural wine institute for sommeliers, a ceramics studio, a carpenter, textile artists, fashion designers, writers and journalists, many, many illustrators, interior and graphic designers, branding agencies, painters, visual artists, a production agency, an event space and a wine cave.


What is your morning potion or elixir of choice? 

I love Cordyceps, Mucuna, Gingsen all mixed with hot water to start my day. I also love the Pine Pollen with olive oil in hot cup of water.

Do you have a favorite Sun Potion herb/adaptogen?

Yes, Ashawaghanda.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what is your current favorite song/music or playlist?

I always listen the same artists, over and over again for few months and then I switch. I am currently in an Amy Winehouse moment, but out of nowhere I can jump into Argentinean folk and stay there for weeks.

What is something you are looking forward to?

Living fully and having fun, keeping my passion in everything I do, and bringing the studio to the next level.

Golden Potion, Captured by Nikki Haun

Do you have any upcoming projects or pieces you are working on?

Yes I am working on two private commissions, a collaboration with a painter and a gallerist, a commission for a candle-soap brand, launching a line of textiles before the holidays and more lamp designs in the making to be ready in a few months.

Anything else you want to share!?

Live your dreams, live fully, everything is possible.


T H A N K   Y O U 

Fernando Aciar

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Feature Photo: Rebekah Campbell