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"I'm a very visual person and love the escape one can find in a beautiful painting or photograph, a piece of textiles or ceramics. I love the tactile, I love old things with a story and patina." - Launette
Today we are sharing 11 Questions we asked chocolatier and artist Launette, who has been working with and learning about the magic of whole cacao for almost a decade! Dive in to get a closer look into the life of this amazing and inspiring alchemist in this playful interview curated by our Sun Potion Journal team.

A glimpse into the life of Chocolatier and superwoman, Launette...

Sun Potion: What does your morning routine look like?

Launette: A little chaotic at times! I'm usually woken up by my 4 year old twin boys around 6:30 am. By woken up, I mean jumped on or just woken by the sound of them playing- loudly! I have realised kids don’t come with a volume control, lol. 

The boys eat breakfast whilst I sip nettle infusion (I prepare dried nettles and warm water each night in a glass saucepan, which I then heat gently and strain in the morning). I’ll try and squeeze a few yoga stretches in if I have time and then make sure the boys are dressed (I must add- my husband helps me in the mornings and without his help I'm sure I'd never get time for a shower)! Dry body brushing is something I do most days, I find it helps wake me up.The boys have to be at kindergarten just after 8. It’s a nice walk, which I'm grateful for. Seeing the frost or fog in the early morning, watching the trees change through the seasons, hearing the bird song.When I get home I’ll eat quinoa porridge or a grain free granola with fruit and then make coffee with herbs. After that I'm ready for the tasks ahead.


Favorite meal to cook at home?

My favourite meal (I often say I'd happily eat this every night) is a hearty broth with leek, celery, shredded cabbage, garlic, maybe some broccoli and sometimes beans. Some buckwheat bread with lots of butter and I'm happy!

Most recent book you’ve read (or listened to)?

Oh, this is hard! I have several on the go! I'm almost finished reading Wilding by Isabella Tree which I think is one of the most important books of recent times! A document of a vast rewilding project at a large estate in the south of England. We are lucky enough to live quite close to Knepp, a really inspiring place. If I'm honest, I love reading music blogs most of all!


When you get a moment to yourself, how do you honor your mind and body? Are there any practices that support you in moments of stress?

I do get easily overwhelmed. I often tend to be doing several things at once and I really find writing lists helps! My husband laughs about it as he stores things in his head. Somehow having a visual puts my mind at ease! 
It took me a long time to realise that breathing really helps relieve stress. About 10 years ago I started to practice deep breathing when I felt tense, I do have to remind myself of this constantly. So easy to forget such a simple practice. I hold a lot of tension in my jaw and neck, I find gentle movement and a cup of tea a great way to take a pause. I practice yoga daily and like walks in the forest very much. Dancing brings me deep joy, sadly I don't dance as much as id like these days!

An artist you're inspired by from the past/present/future.

I find this question so hard to answer! There are so many creatives from many different disciplines who have inspired me. I'm a very visual person and love the escape one can find in a beautiful painting or photograph, a piece of textiles or ceramics. I love the tactile, I love old things with a story and patina. That said, someone who informed and inspired my work at art school was the film director Mike Leigh. I'm a big fan of his early work (70’s-90’s). His films evoke strong, often uncomfortable emotions in the viewer. I am fascinated by the gritty realism of his work. The humour and poingnancy. 

Who is on your current evening playlist?

I love 70’s folk, prog, soul, yacht rock and disco. I think I was born in the wrong era!

Favorite Sun Potion herb right now?

I've been taking Ashwagandha for over a decade on and off but for the last year I've been drawn to taking it daily. 

Currently what are you sipping on? favorite potion?

Hilariously enough, for someone who is chocolate mad, I don't often drink cacao based drinks at night. However, for the last week I've been enjoying a nourishing bedtime tonic with lots of mineral rich ingredients including cacao, carob, Reishi to calm the system and Chaga to boost my immune system after all the winter bugs my family have had. I like to add a little collagen too, to help aid deep sleep. 


Do you have any advice you would give to your younger self? To your older, future self?

I think the advice I would give my younger self would be worry less.

Favorite sustainability practice?

I was brought up wearing second-hand clothes. My mother and I would visit charity shops (thrift stores) all the time as well as jumble sales at the weekends (the highlight of the week). I have a deep love of vintage and antique clothing and the majority of my wardrobe is vintage. I sell vintage clothing too, it gives me such joy to hunt out these treasures and find them new homes (when i can bear to part with them)!

If you were a flower, tree, plant, animal or insect, what kind would you be?

A bunny rabbit. 

Images courtesy of Launette

Click here to discover a recipe for homemade chocolate by Launette, Honey Lover's Chocolate.


Launette has been working with unroasted cacao since 2009. She honed her craft in London, making and selling bean to bar chocolate, teaching workshops around the UK, catering supper clubs and working in restaurants.

Her passion for nutrition, the magic of plants and of healing herbs inspires her to constantly dive deeper.  She strives to marry seasonal, organic, biodynamic and wild food with the addition of non-native plants to achieve optimal nutrition for herself and her family.

With a background in music and fine art, she finds being in the kitchen a natural extension of her creative output. She now lives on the edge of the forest in the south of England with her family and finds her relationship with nature only enhances her creativity and connection to food.