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A reflection on the upcoming event, The Gathering, by founder of RUNGA Joe DiStefano.

This October, like-minds from across the globe will join RUNGA'S team of leading experts and accomplished athletes on a pristine Texas ranch for one of the most intimate wellness experiences in the world.

We hosted our most recent event in Los Angeles in February 2020, and it was a magical one-day experience full of laughter, community, and joy. We had no idea that it would be our last event for a year and a half.

Ever since, our craving for community and true human experience has only heightened, and we have received so many emails from RUNGA alumni expressing the same sentiment. As humans, we need community to grow, uplift, and expand us. If we think of the human as a plant, it's one of the key ingredients we need present in our soil. 

Step Into Your Greatness

We are so excited to be welcoming a small number of guests to Austin, Texas to join our ever-growing family of passionate health-seekers. The Gathering, happening October 7-9, is designed to give our guests exactly what they need to return to the driver's seat of their health and happiness, and offers our guests a warm and much needed chance to reconnect and learn while enjoying unlimited access to powerful therapies and unparalleled intimacy with some of the most renowned experts in the wellness world.

"What makes us alive is our connection to the earth, and what gives us permission to step into our greatness is our connection to each other." - Joe DiStefano, Founder of RUNGA 

Engage & Embody

Throughout our many activitiesincluding ice baths, yoga, meditation, breathwork, fitness, kettlebell instruction, and inspiring panel discussionsguests will tap into their internal power and discover total permission to embody their greatness. 

Within these three days of total restoration and learning, we include three organic, paleo-inspired chef-prepared meals per day for whole body nourishment. And with our various therapies on site, including hyperbaric oxygen, peptides and NAD+, PEMF therapy, plus a full nutraceutical bar, guests have all the tools at their disposal to feel years younger after just three days. 

All of this happens with community and connection at the forefront, with guests often leaving with lifelong friends and even business partners.


RUNGA has for many years been a secret of high performers, athletes, and everyday individuals passionate about mind & body wellness, so we're excited to jump back into live events again and hope to bring you even more opportunities to experience RUNGA in the future. We know the world needs it. We are excited to partner with Sun Potion on The Gathering and to bring their powerful elixirs into the lives of our guests.

- Joe