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Hello! I’ve been suffering from cystic acne for years. It’s gotten slightly better, but I was wondering if you had a products that would help with my acne. Thank you!

Hi! We would be happy to provide some insight on adaptogens and tonic herbs for skin health, specifically dealing with acne. The list below are some products to check out that may support skin health, acne, radiance and overall well-being.

The ones we suggest looking further into are:

Ashwagandha - a staple of the Ayurvedic Medicine Cabinet, may be supportive for acne

Reishi - a nervous system and immunity tonic that also works to nourish the skin

Tocos (Jasmine or Classic) - Rice bran solubles that contain skin-nourishing properties, minerals and Vitamin E 

Pine Pollen - may support hormonal acne and skin health

White Dragon Matcha - Matcha contains high levels of anti-oxidants and minerals that work to support skin health and aging

Ashitaba - A plant material that works to support skin health, reduces cell damage and increases blood circulation to the skin which may support acne

Shea Butter - A wonderful (external) unrefined Shea to use for skin health when feeling super dry, to support after-sun skin care, eczema and other skin conditions

A tonic to try would be a super-powered White Dragon Matcha potion

You can try this recipe here and add any other adaptogens you'd like!