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Do you recommend a teacher or a school I could learn more about why and how to properly incorporate these herbs, mushrooms, and foods in to my diet?

Hey there, thanks for asking! We know that the world of adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs contain centuries of history, usage, knowledge, rituals and more and can be a lot to wrap your mind around.

Good news, there are some great places and resources to learn more about these plants. For websites to learn about studies of the herbs, the National Institute of Health has some amazing trials to read about from people who used tonic herbs over a course of time. Also, every product page on shares research on that herb, in the category "resources." Now lets talk about the BOOKS. Here is a list of just (some) of our favorite books about herbalism and Ayurveda. 

BOOKS (as teachers)

The Web That Has No Weaver

The China Study

Healing with Whole Foods

The Healing Practice of Qi

Nourishing Destiny

Ayurveda (Idiot's Guide) ...on

Whole Beauty

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia 

For teachers and schools, the books are a great place to start. Of course there are also herbalism schools in the US and abroad that can support further understanding of this vast, complex and beautiful study.