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Can you tell me which of your potions assist with fertility in both women and men. Thank you!

Hi there, we are glad you asked! Some adaptogens and tonic herbs to look at for supporting fertility in both men and women are: Cordyceps, Pine Pollen, Polyrachis Ant or our Yin Power blend which contains: Organic Reishi Mushroom, Wild harvested He Shou Wu Extract, Wild harvested Pearl Powder, Tocos, Organic Ashwagandha Extract, Wild harvested Pine Pollen, Wild harvested Astragalus Extract, Organic Shatavari.

You could prepare a tonic for two to support fertility~

1 tsp. Yin Power

1/2 tsp. Pine Pollen

1/2 tsp. Polyrachis Ant

1 tsp. turmeric 

12 oz. warm water (or favorite tea as the base, Ginger tea tastes great for this recipe)

1 cup plant based milk

combine all ingredients in a high speed blender or shake well

serve into two cups and enjoy!