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Polyrachis Ant

Polyrachis Ant
Traditional Taoist Herb & Yang Tonic
Polyrachis Ant
$53.00 for 70 g jar

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This “Herb of Kings” contains the highest levels of Zinc of all living organisms. The multi-spined, dual directional Polyrachis Ant has been reputed to strengthen the immune system, increase sexual vigor, prevent aging and boost energy levels.

This is a 10:1 Cold Water Extract of Polyrachis Ant.

  • Details/Resources
    Long Form
    Polyrachis ant, also known as the “herb of kings” has been consumed for a variety of benefits for over 3000 years. This potent Jing, Qi and Shen tonic has a variety of uses. This particular ant tonic is used to promote strengthen vigor, as well as used for anti-aging benefits and overall well-being. Ant is in the same categories as ginseng and rhodiola, also cordyceps as it is a highly regarded adaptogenic substance. Polyrachis ant is multi-spined and used to boost already healthy and also compromised immune systems, and is used by many who have an immune disorder. Often this tonic is used to treat cardiovascular disease, strengthening the entire Kidney system, such as sexual functions and the skeletal system. Many people enjoy this tonic for aiding with joint problems and fatigue while it also works to strengthen the immune system and the renal system. Ants can carry over 100 times their own weight and people have reported to feel an increase of physical and mental strength after regular consumption of this tonic. Its primary functions include promoting and maintaining a long life while replenishing the Qi, regulating yin and yang, improving secual function and increasing fetility. This ant extract may also calm anxiety while promoting sound sleep cycles and improving digestion. For the past 70 years, research continuously shows that this ant powder has powerful medicinal effects and is considered a premium adaptogenic source.
  • How to use
    Invitations for Use
    Add 1/2 tsp. to liquid of choice, great in coffee, tea and can simply be added to warm water.
    Invitations for Use
    Add 1/2 tsp. to liquid of choice, great in coffee, tea and can simply be added to warm water.
    Free + Native on Polyrachis Ant
  • Our Sources
    Harvested on Chang Bei Mountain, China.
    Our Sources

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