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Writing and intuitive sense are intricately linked. Writing can be used to connect with our intuition. Writing requires observation, attention and listening, just as intuition does. When we write, we are channeling, we are exploring possibility. When we write we create something that wasn’t there before.
Join us for this ongoing series of intuitive writing prompts with writer & poet, Kate Belew.

Enter the woods. Maybe this is only a forest in your mind. Maybe you can actually take this prompt with you and head into that magical tree line. These monthly prompts are meant to connect you with the wild self, the wooded path, the way that our writing like tree roots can reach both toward the sky and deep into the earth at the same time. 

When we write we tune in and to listen to ourselves and the world around us. Writing can support us in connecting with our personal stories and collective stories. 

This prompt is meant to hold your hand through the creation of a ten-line poem. Feel free to walk off the path of the poem. The questions and prompt can be as abstract or concrete as you like. 


Title: A Woodland (Pick one: Intuitive/Primeval/Folklore/Lie/Spell)


Line One: Something you see behind your eyes before you wake up.

Line Two: Say, “I made a mistake,” and then explain why 

Line Three: Reference a plant you see nearby (real or imaginary)

Line Four: Teach us something about yourself that we wouldn’t ask 

Line Five: Talk about the weather

Line Six: Bring in something from your five senses 

Line Seven: Celebrate something

Line Eight: Laugh at yourself

Line Nine: A line that brings back in the thread of the title

Line Ten: End with your dream from the first line. 


Language is incantation. Poetry is spellwork. Secret and sacred walk hand and hand off into the forest. 

Images found via Pinterst

Kate Belew

Kate Belew is a Brooklyn based Writer, Poet, Storyteller, and Strategist. Her work spans genres and spaces: poetry, nonprofits, immersive theatre, health & wellness, herbalism, diversity & inclusive, tech, and the psychedelic. She is interested in helping others craft their content, tell their stories, and connect with their innate creative power as well as spinning her own kinds of tales. She has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and is currently a student of the plants at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Follow Kate at K8belew or learn more at