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Can you combine lions mane with sinemet ?

Hi there! We are not doctors and therefore cannot offer medical advice. We have read some researc...

how do you incorporate your powders into baking? How do you determine how much to put in that is still an effective dose per serving?

For baking, we recommend using the serving size listed on the jar to determine how many servings ...

Hello! Is yin power safe for pregnant women? thank you!

Hi there! Because we are not healthcare providers or herbalists, we cannot give you any medical a...

Which product promotes weight loss?

Hi there! Adaptogens and Tonic Herbs are not meant to promote weight loss. There are products that work to support metabolic health, cardiac health and overall well being. These range from Ashwagandha to Moringa, to White Dragon Matcha and Triphala. We recommend reading these products and the resources on their pages to see which one sounds best for you!

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