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Hello, Since stopping the pill I have suffered from acne both on my cheeks and chest.. what do u recommend for this? Would it be something for hormonal health? I would also like something to boost my immunity to fight viruses like HPV. thank you

Hey! Acne can certainly edge its way back into our lives when we have a sudden shift in our hormonal systems and flow. Many adaptogens aim to support balancing hormones and may help clear hormonal-related acne. Next to clean eating and using gentle cleansers/exfoliators, adaptogens come in! We recommend looking more into Ashwagandha, Yin Power, Reishi plus Shatavari Elixir! You can try one or more than one in your tea, water, blended tonic or kombucha! 

Since we are not herbalists, it is always best to consult one or your practitioner about adaptogens and tonic herbs that may support HPV. The products listed above may also support immune function. 

Thanks for writing in!