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Can you combine lions mane with sinemet ?

Hi there! We are not doctors and therefore cannot offer medical advice. We have read some researc...

how do you incorporate your powders into baking? How do you determine how much to put in that is still an effective dose per serving?

For baking, we recommend using the serving size listed on the jar to determine how many servings ...

Hello! Is yin power safe for pregnant women? thank you!

Hi there! Because we are not healthcare providers or herbalists, we cannot give you any medical a...

I am currently fighting severe acne due to hormonal imbalance. Any skin health/hormone balancing helpers out there?

Hi there! We know what its like to deal with hormonal acne, it can be challenging! We have a round up of herbs that come into play when hormonal breakouts are on the rise. These include: Reishi, Yin Power, Pine Pollen, He Shou Wu and Pearl.

Yin Power is a blend of tonic herbs and adaptogens that work to support hormonal balance and may aid in overall skin health, you can begin with our Travel Ally size and see how it works for you, adding one teaspoon to your morning beverage!

We are always here if you have more questions.

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