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Hi there. I'm currently suffering from high anxiety, depression and very sluggish digestion. Do you happen to suggest any particular elixirs that can assist?

We would love to point you the direction for adaptogens and tonic herbs that may support anxiety, stress and digestion. 

The products to look closer at:

Reishi (for anxiety and stress levels)

He Shou Wu (nervous system tonic)

Mucuna Pruriens (for mood support)

Triphala (for digestion)

Moringa (for digestion)


You could make a morning tonic with Mucuna Pruriens and He Shou Wu and/or Moringa

- simply can add 1/2 tsp. of each to coffee, tea, a blended tonic or warm water

For an evening tonic you can try:

1/2 tsp. Triphala

1/2 tsp. Reishi

Add to a calming tea like chamomile or just warm water with some raw honey