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Hello! How do I make a simple mask out of the Yin Powder? Or is it better taken orally?

Hi there! Taking the Yin Power orally is the most effective way of taking these herbs, but face masks are great as well and have other benefits.

You can find many recipes using Yin Power in both potions and edible foods here on the Sun Potion Journal.

Below is a face mask that includes Yin Power, which you can adjust based on the products you have or do not have: Aphrodite Face Mask

If you want a more simple recipe, you can make a nice face mask with honey (we love our potent Bio-Active Honey) and Yin Power, using 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of Yin Power. Leave on for 10 minutes, adding a few minutes more or less depending on your skin sensitivity.