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Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

Welcome to the journal - an online, intersectional wellness platform - to connect, educate and inspire our international community.


"Our individual well-being is connected to & directly impacted by the wellbeing of the Earth. If taking care of your health is important to you, caring for the environment should be a significant part of that equation. Why? Because we can only be as healthy as the environment that we live in and the health of the Earth depends on how we care for it. It’s a feedback loop." - Mia Caine We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mia Caine, brand strategist, entrepreneur & the wellness blogger behind @the_healthlete. Read our conversation to learn more about Mia and her journey so far, plus read more on her new sustainable jewelry line + try a delicious turmeric juice recipe to start your morning balanced & energized.