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This Summer we had the privilege to be a part of the Highly Optimized Podcast. Listen in to this in-depth conversation between Sun Potion Founder Scott Linde and Highly Optimized Podcast's Ryan Sprague.

On this episode of the Highly Optimized Podcast, Ryan interviews the founder of Sun Potion, Scott Linde. 

Ryan & Scott discuss Scott’s journey in life, how the busy-ness of daily life led Scott to live a minimalist lifestyle for 5 years where he lived on the barest amount of essentials possible, how giving himself that time to connect to himself led to the idea & manifestation of Sun Potion, what the benefits of interacting with wild herbs & plants can do for you & much, much more! 

Ryan is the founder & co-owner of Highly Optimized. Highly Optimized is a company dedicated to helping its clients transform & become the conscious leaders the world is patiently awaiting. 

He is also the host of the Highly Optimized Podcast, the This One Time On Psychedelics Podcast & is the co-creator of the Connect With Cannabis Program. 

Ryan’s mission in life is helping his fellow brothers & sisters become empowered in their experience of being alive through 1 on 1 men’s coaching, plant medicine integration coaching & retreat experiences. 

Connect with him on IG @therealryansprague & @highly.optimized for all the ways he can guide you in becoming the most empowered version of yourself, starting today.