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Where is Ashitaba grown? Aslo when you say wildcrafted what does that mean?

Hi there! Our Ashitaba is sustainably wild harvested in Taiwan. Wildcrafted means that it was grown naturally outdoors without human intervention and without the use of any chemicals or other harmful pesticides. They are essentially foraged plants. Plants that are wildcrafted are subject to different environmental stressors that can help the plants grow to be full of more nutrients and phytonutrients that plants produce when allowed to grow to maturity in the wild. Since they are subject to the natural environment without human intervention or coddling, it is thought that wildcrafted plants are also more resilient, strong and more potent botanicals. Some say that the energetics of the wilderness can be felt and captured in the essence of wildcrafted plants. Plants that are truly wildcrafted are also essentially organic. There are sets of wildcrafting guidelines available online.