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Hi! What herb/blend would best support low female testosterone levels?

Hello and thanks for writing in! We have a few options to support the balancing of hormones for females (and males too!).

One of the first options is Pine Pollen, which is the actual pollen from Mason Pine Trees! Certain forms of Pine Pollen from specific species (one of which is the Mason Pine) have been used for centuries by both males and females for a number of benefits, one of which is to help boost testosterone levels. Our Pine Pollen is single origin, high altitude, cracked-cell Mason Pine Pollen offering optimum bioavailability.

A second option for female hormone balancing support is our Shatavari Transcendent Elixir. This tincture form of Shatavari is a potent elixir that may support female reproductive health, promote energetic vigor and support digestive health. 

A few other options are Ashwagandha, which is great for supporting hormone balance, He Shou Wu, which may help increase testosterone levels, and our Yin Power blend, which is a special blend of herbs and adaptogens made with women in mind, containing some of the herbs listed above (including Pine Pollen, Shatavari, He Shou Wu & Ashwagandha!) and has a wide range of benefits!