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Also by Maria Mocerino :


Maria Mocerino

As a storyteller, Maria has done everything from clowning to art curation. As of late, however, she has been writing about people and plants, including psychedelics. Her recent passion project is Plant Celebrities, which playfully redirects the celebrity spotlight to the Plant Kingdom. Luckily for her, Sun Potion is into whimsy! Working with illustrators, she hopes to honor, celebrate, and inspirit the plant kingdom in order to encourage human beings to reconnect with nature and take care of themselves. And yes, she wants to make fun of us too, because we’re seriously silly. 
Imagination and tenderness are two very important words to her because they inspire her to consider our innocence and vulnerability. From that perspective, the world doesn’t look so rigid, literal, or unchangeable. 
Pinning down a location for Maria, however, would make for a fun game of Where is the World is Carmen San Diego? She definitely has the hats. As a lover of vintage clothes, traveling, and gymnastics, if there is a terrace, trampoline, or sale, she’s probably on it.