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Lisa Müller

As a dancer, yogi, athlete and chef, Lisa Müller has been traveling the world in order to study various cultures, movement styles, cuisines and healing techniques for over 15 years. Her passion was leading her to Berlin, Germany where she was working as a chef, recipe developer and nutrition coach for various sports & health brands. She is the founder and previous owner of the Lab Kitchen - in collaboration with the Adidas Runbase a restaurant that is dedicated to a holistic approach of an active body & mind. Her desire is to create food, elixirs and healthy desserts and snacks for active people, athletes and anyone who is interested in experiencing the power of vibrant food and healing plants. Her true love goes out to all the female athletes and women who are questioning social beauty and “health" standards and want to dive deeper into their own truth and power. She is currently leading her “Female Balance” & “Active Food” workshops all over Europe and sharing her "Matcha Ceremony Ritual - a concept that helps create a stable morning routine with a ceremonial grade matcha, a simple meditation technique and movement practice - around the globe to raise awareness for the importance of a mindful start into the day.