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Miracle Leaf

Moringa Leaf Powder (Organic)


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Moringa has been called the “Miracle Tree” or "Leaf" because it contains a wide range of bio-available nutrients, minerals & high levels of vitamins B, C, D, and E.* Moringa works to:

  • Improve Overall Nutrition
  • Promote Sound Sleep & Relieve Anxiety
  • Stabilize Blood Pressure
  • Strengthen Digestion *"
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    Product Information

    Moringa – Product Details

    Often called “Miracle Tree” or “Miracle Leaf,” Moringa has been used for thousands of years. It’s become renowned for its bio-available nutritional properties, as it’s rich in vitamins B, C, D and E, as well as protein, iron, magnesium, riboflavin, selenium, amino acids and other minerals.

    Moringa leaves are most commonly used to make Moringa tea, which has been used in a number of medicinal applications- from stabilizing blood pressure and managing glucose levels to sleep improvements, anxiety relief and higher energy levels. Moringa leaves have also been shown in many emerging studies to increase milk production in nursing mothers, while Moringa tea contains potent antioxidants that can inhibit free radicals (which can cause cell damage and premature aging).

    Now known as a superfood, Moringa Leaf Powder is often recommended to those who want to strengthen immunity and digestion, increase nutrient and antioxidant intake, improve blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, or get a better night’s sleep. Moringa is a nutrient-dense food that is supportive for all diets, especially vegetarian and vegan.

    Ingredients: Raw Moringa Leaf, organically grown and shade-dried in India

    Moringa – FAQs

    Where does Moringa come from?

    The Moringa tree is indigenous to northwestern India and can commonly be found in the southern foothills of the Himalayas. However, Moringa trees are also cultivated in Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and the Philippines. This tree thrives in tropical environments and can grow up to 40 feet in height. While this tree bears both flowers and fruit, its leaves are famous around the world for their nutritional properties.

    What are the health benefits of Moringa?

    Moringa is considered by many to be a superfood, as it contains an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Moringa Leaf is often recommended to support healthy nutrition and digestion, as well as aiming to improve glucose levels and blood pressure levels, reduce inflammation, and promote better sleep. 

    How should I take Moringa?

    Moringa Powder can be enjoyed in a number of ways. While we invite you to create a tea by mixing ½ teaspoon in hot water or another warm beverage, Moringa can also be added to smoothies, soups, shakes, hot cereals, salads, whole grains, curries, sauces, desserts and more.

  • How To Use
    Invitations for Use
    Moringa is traditionally served as a tea.
    We recommend mixing 1/2 tsp. in hot water or a warm drink of choice. Moringa is also excellent in smoothies, soups, elixirs, salads, whole grains and raw chocolate!

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  • Our Sources
    Our Sources

    Our Moringa is organically Grown & shade dried in India.

    We source the highest quality foods from around the world. Our intention is to deeply nourish and activate the whole body, mind, and spirit with these Transformational Foods.

    We choose to cultivate transparent relationships between grower and consumer, and we place holistic integrity and radiant wellbeing at the root of our business. We invite you to be aware of Who, What, How, and Where your food comes from! If you have any curiosity about the details and further history of our foods, please contact us!

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