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Introducing the Sun Potion x Double Eleven Apothecary Apron!

This limited edition, ergonomically designed apron is made to hold your mixing spoons and tools while crafting up an adaptogenic potion! We are so excited to partner with Double Eleven for this one-of-a-kind, limited edition design. Handmade entirely in Los Angeles, with two front pockets and side belt loops for a fitted feel.

(No new cotton was used to make this apron. We have utilized surplus premium fabric stock sourced in Los Angeles, thus reducing the environmental impact of this product by 90%)

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    Product Information

    Apothecary Apron – Product Details

    Here at Sun Potion, we do everything possible to minimize our impact on the planet. We thought it was only fitting to team up with Double Eleven, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand focused on repurposing mint condition textiles sourced from warehouses across the country.

    Founded in 2016 by Nathan Bogle, Double Eleven aims to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry (which is currently the second biggest polluter in the world!) by utilizing pre-existing fabrics to create each and every one of the brand’s garments. By doing so, Double Eleven has reduced its product impact by 90% compared to the industry standard. We feel Double Eleven is doing essential work in their efforts to keep manufacturing local and to use textiles that would otherwise go to waste. 

    Sun Potion is proud to partner with Double Eleven in creating our Apothecary Apron. Produced entirely in Los Angeles, this Apothecary Apron is made of repurposed cotton stock and features six pockets to hold all of the utensils and mixing tools you’ll need to craft any adaptogenic potion. No new cotton was used to create this apron; instead, Double Eleven sourced surplus fabric found in LA to reduce overall environmental impact. 

    Finished with waist ties, side belt loops, and Sun Potion’s distinctive golden logo, our limited edition Apothecary Apron will allow you to create your favorite health concoctions with ease. What’s more, you can wear your apron with confidence in knowing you’re supporting sustainability.

    At Sun Potion, we embrace sustainable practices whenever possible. From sourcing our ingredients to producing our powders and tinctures, we want to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Your Apothecary Apron is the perfect place to hold our products (contained in recycled jars, in many cases), wooden spoons or any other tools you’ll need to “in joy” your improved well-being.

    Fabric: 9 oz. Charcoal Grey Denim by Cone USA

    98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

    Width: 15.5"   Height at center: 15"

    Featuring 2 large front pockets with 4 smaller utensil pockets. Side belt loops provide easy securing of waist ties.

  • How To Use
    Invitations for Use

    Wear your apron when mixing potions, preparing Matcha and all creative pursuits!

  • Our Sources
    Our Sources

    Sun Potion sources the highest quality Organic + Wildharvested Herbs, from around the world, offered in the most bio-available form.

    We source the highest quality foods from around the world. Our intention is to deeply nourish and activate the whole body, mind, and spirit with these Transformational Foods.

    We choose to cultivate transparent relationships between grower and consumer, and we place holistic integrity and radiant wellbeing at the root of our business. We invite you to be aware of Who, What, How, and Where your food comes from! If you have any curiosity about the details and further history of our foods, please contact us!

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