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PayPal Credit


We have amazing news!

PayPal has partnered with Sun Potion to offer 6-month interest-free financing for all USA customers. 

For our International customers:
We offer standard payment through PayPal. 
Some people have elected to use wire transfers in the past, with PayPal, you can easily checkout and receive your adaptogens much sooner. 

For our business partners: PayPal Credit gives you the ability to finance all of your wholesale orders for 6 months interest-free.
Allowing you to grow your business, try new products and earn your money back before ever needing to pay for inventory.

To apply you simply need a PayPal account.

Apply here:

Already have a Paypal account: 
(1) Go to this link:

(2) Complete the instant approval application.

(3) Shop for your favorite Adaptogens  on

(4) On the checkout payment window, select pay with (PayPal) - then choose  (Paypal Credit).

(5) You will receive free shipping inside the United States and Canada. 

(6) Enjoy your potions.

*Minimum purchase $99 to qualify for PayPal Credit, valid for USA customers only.

This service is optional and you may decide to continue with your normal checkout by credit card. 

Thank you for choosing Sun Potion.