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Adaptogenic Travel Companions

Travel Ally Set


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Our Travel Ally Collection is a series of 15-20 serving sized products to support a balanced, energized and resilient state during travel. This 6-pack contains our Organic Ashwagandha, White Dragon Matcha, Organic Mucuna Pruriens, Organic Reishi, Wildcrafted Shea Butter and Yin Power.
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    Product Information

    Organic Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is a vital herb in Ayurvedic Medicine with a long history of therapeutic use and is sometimes referred to as "Indian Ginseng." The plant contains a full spectrum of healing properties.

    • Tonify the immune system
    • Inspire Vigor and Strength
    • Increase the body's levels of Super Oxide Dismutase
    • Harmonize Mind, Body, and Spirit
    • Reduce the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress

    White Dragon Matcha

    Deep green, soft young leaves from shade-covered tea shoots are picked, dried, steamed and ground. The whole leaf is used and makes a sacred, antioxidant + nutrient-rich tea to be served warm or cool and integrated into daily rituals, recipes, meditations and magical moments.

    Matcha is an excellent source for:

    • Antioxidants
    • Chlorophyll
    • Sustained energy levels
    • May promote a sense of calm and focus
    • May enhance metabolism
    • May support immunity

    Organic Mucuna Pruriens

    This extract powder contains 15% L-DOPA, a precursor to Dopamine. Higher levels of Dopamine have been linked with sound sleep and an expanded sense of well-being.

    • Enhance Brain Function
    • Elevate Mood & Refine the Senses
    • Soothe the Nervous System
    • Support Overall Well-being

    Organic Reishi

    This mushroom was traditionally used in Oriental and Eastern Folk Medicine to "Nourish the Heart and Pacify the Spirit".

    Its primary functions today include:

    • Immune Support
    • Longevity Tonic
    • Stress Relief

    Unrefined Shea Butter

    Use of Shea butter may reduce fine wrinkles & assist in healing conditions such as sun damage, blemishes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, severe skin dryness, chapping, scrapes, burns, skin allergies, fungal infections & more.

    • Balances Skin pH
    • Contains a unique profile of minerals, proteins, & essential fatty acids.
    • Opens cells to draw moisture in, retain the hydration & allows skin to BREATHE

    Yin Power

    This is our love note to all the powerful mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers and healers in our global community.... a blend of organic + wild harvested herbs we have crafted to nourish feminine energy and harmonize the whole system, from the inside > out.

    We have partnered with the organization Women With Superpowers to bring you the highest quality tonic herbs and energetically charged formulation, we hope it empowers your presence and works' on the planet.

    Organic and Wildharvested Tonic Herbs for Women (and Men!). May Support:

    • Immunity
    • Creative Energy
    • Hormonal Balance
    • Mental Clarity
    • Stress Relief
    • Cellular Regeneration
    • Radiance
    • Healthy Circulation
    • Emotional Equilibrium
    • Libido

  • How To Use
    Invitations for Use
    These products can be used alongside one another in 1/4-1/2 tsp. amounts.

    Our unrefined Shea Butter is for external use to support skin health and can be used by applying a dime-size amount to your palm and moisturize into your skin and hair.

    White Dragon Adaptogenic Matcha
  • Our Sources
    Our Sources

    Sun Potion sources the highest quality Organic + Wildharvested Herbs, from around the world, offered in the most bio-available form.

    We source the highest quality foods from around the world. Our intention is to deeply nourish and activate the whole body, mind, and spirit with these Transformational Foods.

    We choose to cultivate transparent relationships between grower and consumer, and we place holistic integrity and radiant wellbeing at the root of our business. We invite you to be aware of Who, What, How, and Where your food comes from! If you have any curiosity about the details and further history of our foods, please contact us!

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