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Dare to Detoxify!


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Julia Loggins Author and Sun Potion blog contributor shares her stories in a guide about “daring to detoxify.” The personal guide is urged to help people who want to get or stay healthy, including a lesson about “why we all need to detox regularly to thrive in our compromised environment; and how digestion is linked to health, energy, and weight loss.”

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    Dare to Detoxify! – Product Details

    Looking to jumpstart your health journey for the new year? Tired of dealing with digestive issues or feeling like your immune system isn’t working at its best? You might want to consider trying a detox for your bodily health.

    Author and Sun Potion blog contributor Julia Loggins knows a lot about detoxification and the positive effects it can have on physical well-being. In fact, Julia likes to say that she was born “allergic to the 20th century,” as she started exhibiting extreme reactions to foods, chemicals, and pollutants from a young age. By the time she reached double digits, Julia had experienced medical conditions far beyond her years, such as migraine headaches, ulcers, arthritis and colitis. 

    After surviving a staggering three near-death encounters, Julia proved both her family and medical professionals wrong by thriving well into adulthood – thanks to her commitment to physical detox. Julia proudly proclaims that she actually saved her own life by overhauling her diet and cleansing both her body and mind.

    Now, Julia has provided all of the tools that you need to heal yourself with her book, Dare to Detoxify! Filled with successful techniques, client stories and the wisdom to help you discover the power of detoxification, this guide will quickly become your go-to resource for improving your energy, facilitating weight loss and connecting your environment to your overall health.

    With over 35 years’ experience in detoxification principles, Julia Loggins is considered to be a leader in nutritional healing. Julia’s book makes the perfect gift for a loved one (or even for yourself!) and explains the concepts of health detox in a way that makes sense for contemporary audiences. Even if you have no prior experience with detoxification, you’ll soon see why this process is nothing short of transformative for so many. Whether you want to get a fresh start to the year or simply don’t know where to begin in order to improve your health, we recommend adding Dare to Detoxify! to your must-read list.

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