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Beauty Set

Beauty Set
Holistic Beauty Essentials
Beauty Set
$230.00 for $262.00

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This Set Includes: Small Classic Tocos, Bio-Active Honey, Shea Butter, Rose Water, He Shou Wu, Ashitaba

    Adaptogens and essentials to cultivate beauty from the inside out!

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      Long Form


      Traditional Japanese healing food, consumed for Beauty and Longevity
      • Rich Source of Vitamin B
      • Skin and Digestive Tonic
      • Contains Chalcones
      • Shen- Spirit Tonic

      Classic Tocos

      An incredible superfood and creamy addition to any healthy recipe.

      • Bio-Available Source of Vitamin E
      • May Promote Healthy Skin and Connective Tissues
      • May Facilitate the removal of toxins from the body

      Bio-Active Honey

      A single origin, wildcrafted Active Honey to fuel a healthier, happier mind and body!

      We bring you this amazing 40+ AHF active honey, direct from the source. This is the first time this rare and pure honey has left the shores of Australia.

      Shea Butter

      Use of Shea butter may reduce fine wrinkles & assist in healing conditions such as sun damage, blemishes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, severe skin dryness, chapping, scrapes, burns, skin allergies, fungal infections & more.

      • Balances Skin pH
      • Contains a unique profile of minerals, proteins, & essential fatty acids.
      • Opens cells to draw moisture in, retain the hydration & allows skin to BREATHE

      Solar Rose Water

      This high-vibe mist is excellent for Auric cleansing, heart-opening, skin soothing and cellular hydration. Essential oil infused alchemy for Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit! Made with the essential oil from the sacred Vrindavan Rose and purified water, this mist can instantly uplifts and transforms the inner and outer frequency.

      He Shou Wu

      Superior blood and longevity tonic. Regular consumption of this herb may:

      • Tonify and nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, Shen (Spirit), and Jing (primary essence/life force)
      • A tonic for the endocrine glands
      • Help improve stamina
      • Good for resistance to cold
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    • Our Sources
      Our Sources

      We source the highest quality foods from around the world. Our intention is to deeply nourish and activate the whole body, mind, and spirit with these Transformational Foods.

      We choose to cultivate transparent relationships between grower and consumer, and we place holistic integrity and radiant wellbeing at the root of our business. We invite you to be aware of Who, What, How, and Where your food comes from! If you have any curiosity about the details and further history of our foods, please contact us!

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    Transformational Foods for a Transformational Life

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