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Holistic Beauty Essentials

Beauty Set


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This Set Includes: Small Classic Tocos, Bio-Active Honey, Shea Butter, Rose Water, He Shou Wu, Ashitaba

    Adaptogens and essentials to cultivate beauty from the inside out!

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      Product Information

      Beauty Set – Product Details

      At Sun Potion, we believe that beauty starts on the inside. Our Beauty Set features six of our favorite products created to cultivate inner health and outer radiance.

      Ashitaba, a traditional Japanese healing food, is included in our Beauty Set because it’s often consumed to promote vitality and longevity. A rich source of vitamin B and chalcones, this Shen (Spirit) Tonic is made to support digestive and skin health.

      Our Classic Tocos is considered to be a superfood and is a bioavailable source of vitamin E. This creamy and nutty transformational food may facilitate gentle toxin removal and promote the health of skin and connective tissue. 

      We include Bio-Active Honey in our Beauty Set, as this product can be applied topically or added to a number of edible treats. Long purported to aid in wound healing, Bio-Active Honey acts as a natural antibiotic and can boost the digestive and immune systems. This single-origin, wildcrafted 40+ AHF active Marri honey comes directly from the shores of Australia.

      Next in our Beauty Set comes our Shea Butter. For thousands of years, Shea Butter has been used to heal a number of skin ailments (including eczema, psoriasis, acne, dryness, scrapes, burns and infections). It may also balance the skin’s pH and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, all while hydrating the skin while still allowing it to breathe. 

      Our Solar Rose Water is a refreshing mist that features the high-vibrational essential oil of the Vrindavan rose. Used to hydrate and soothe the skin, this Solar Rose Water can be used for Auric cleansing to uplift and transform both inner and outer frequency. 

      Finally, He Shou Wu rounds out our Beauty Set. Known as a superior blood and longevity tonic, He Shou Wu may also nourish the skin and hair while supporting the nervous system and sexual center. He Shou Wu is also a Shen and Jing Tonic, meaning it may fortify the spirit and primary essence. Often used to improve stamina and immunity, He Shou Wu shows that inner protection lends itself to outer beauty. 

      Ingredients: Ashitaba contains 4:1 Cold Water Extract Powder of Ashitaba Leaf and Stem. Tocos contains Raw Rice Bran Solubles. Bio-Active Honey contains Single Origin Raw Wildcrafted Honey. Shea Butter contains Unrefined Shea Nut. Solar Rose Water contains essential oil from roses grown in Vrindavan, India and purified water. He Shou Wu contains 10:1 Cold Water Extract of prepared He Shou Wu root.

      Beauty Set – FAQs

      Can all products in the Beauty Set be applied to the skin?

      We believe that beauty starts on the inside, which is why our Beauty Set features a few products that are meant to be consumed rather than used as a skin treatment. Our Solar Rose Water, Shea Butter, and even Bio-Active Honey can be safely used on the skin, but our Honey and Rose Water can also be added to edible treats. Nourishing the body and overall health can have profound effects on the appearance and complexion.

      Do I need to use these Beauty Set products every day?

      We at Sun Potion believe that our products should be enjoyed in small doses over a lifetime. While that doesn’t mean every product needs to be used each and every day, many customers find that regularity is the key to results. You might find yourself using some of our Beauty Set products more than once a day (such as with our Shea Butter or Solar Rose Water), while you may decide to incorporate others into a twice-weekly routine. Every person finds the best rhythm that works for them. However, consistency is key for many people.

    • Our Sources
      Our Sources

      Sun Potion sources the highest quality Organic + Wildharvested Herbs, from around the world, offered in the most bio-available form.

      We source the highest quality foods from around the world. Our intention is to deeply nourish and activate the whole body, mind, and spirit with these Transformational Foods.

      We choose to cultivate transparent relationships between grower and consumer, and we place holistic integrity and radiant wellbeing at the root of our business. We invite you to be aware of Who, What, How, and Where your food comes from! If you have any curiosity about the details and further history of our foods, please contact us!

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