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Sun Potion x Fefostudio Ceramic Matcha Cup


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Introducing a limited edition collaborative project brought to you by Sun Potion and Fernando Aciar of fefostudio in NYC. Every cup is handmade in Fernando's studio in Brooklyn, NY. Each matcha cup, traditionally known as a Chawan will be unique, with their own individuality in the design and hold approx. 480 ml liquid.

This magical and handmade ceramic vessel was crafted with the intention to support you from the inside out and nurtured with love and care throughout every part of the process. A perfect set of thumb prints on each side of the vessel for ergonomically handling and easy sipping. 

We hope you IN JOY this special offering!

*Limited supply, one time run

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    Product Information

    Sun Potion x Fefostudio Ceramic Matcha Cup – Product Details

    Matcha has been known as an Ayurvedic staple for centuries, but it may have only recently become one of your favorite drinks. With so many health benefits to offer, it’s no wonder that it’s now been embraced by so many. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and chlorophyll and is purported to boost cognitive function, aid in weight loss or maintenance and even protect some of the body’s most important organs.

    While you can often find this distinctive green tea at coffee shops, there’s nothing quite like making a cup in the comfort of your own home. Starting your morning with our White Dragon Matcha can maintain your energy levels, increase your body’s immunity and offer a sense of calm and focus. 

    And there’s no better way to savor your tea than with our ceramic matcha cup. Created by Sun Potion and artist Fernando Aciar of Brooklyn-based fefostudio, this handmade cup makes a beautiful addition to any home. Superior in both aesthetics and functionality to the average mug, our ceramic matcha cup (also known as a chawan) holds approximately 480 mL while offering an ergonomic design. 

    Crafted with intentions to support you from the inside out, these Sun Potion x fefostudio ceramic matcha cups even feature a perfect set of thumbprints on each side for easy handling and sipping. With no two matcha cups exactly alike, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a unique piece of art and your daily cup of tea at the same time. 

    Our ceramic matcha cups are made in limited quantities and are available only for a short time. Each piece is specially made with slight variations, making each cup one-of-a-kind. Perfect for both the avid tea drinker and the art lover, our ceramic matcha cups make a wonderful gift for someone you love (or even yourself) to “in joy” in good health.

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    Add your favorite potion, tea, cold brew or soup to this beatiful vessel, sip and enjoy a magical moment.

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    Crafted with intention, handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

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