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Contributor: Brianna Beard
  This warming herbal infusion is a wonderful way to to incorporate the soothing Ashwagandha Transcendent Elixir into your morning, afternoon or evening routine. Thank you Brianna Beard for this simple yet powerful tonic! 

This herbal tea is infused with oat straw, rose hips and hibiscus. To help your body adapt to stress I added one dropper full of the Ashwagandha Transcendent Elixir. I love using roots like Ashwagandha because they are grounding and help you to feel “rooted.” My favorite part of making this herbal tea is watching the hibiscus infuse in the hot water, you see a beautiful crimson red dancing and swirling into the brew.

Let’s get to know these beautiful herbs...

Oat Straw

Excellent source of calcium and used widely for brain health.

Rose Hips

Rich in antioxidants, supports a healthy immune system and aids in weight loss.


Prevents hypertension and excellent for liver health.


Remedy for adrenal fatigue and promotes a healthy sleep cycle.

Grounding Herbal Infusion


2 tsp. oat straw

1 tsp. rose hips

1 tsp. hibiscus

2 cups hot water

2 droppers Ashwagandha Transcendent Elixir

Squeeze of half a lemon

Squeeze of honey



First infuse the oat straw, rose hips and hibiscus in hot water for 20 minutes (or all day)

Pour into you favorite mug add a dropperful of Ashwagandha Transcendent Elixir, squeeze of lemon and honey

Sip slowly and enjoy

Images courtesy of Brianna Beard 

If you enjoyed this piece by Brianna, click here to discover more recipes by her!

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