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We are excited to introduce a range of bioavailable offerings from our friends of Elemental Wizdom.

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Sun Potion herbs have made such a positive impact on my day to day life. Being able to easily add such powerful, well-sourced herbs into my daily routine makes me feel like I can take on anything that life throws at me. No matter what the challenge I have an herb to support my body in overcoming it.

Elena Hight, Olympic Snowboarder



Tonic Herbal Formula for the Feminine

"I am so grateful to Sun Potion for making my "everyday" so amazing. As an herbalist + acupuncturist, herbal medicine has been part of my everyday life for many years. My own health and that of my patients has improved tremendously since I began using and recommending Sun Potion. Everyday I look forward to my potions as they help me feel more radiant, strong and well."

—Minka Robinson Stevens, Family Acupuncturist & Herbalist



Tonic Herbal Formula for the Feminine

Jim, Sun Potion user

Since I have added a spoonful of Anandamide to my morning smoothie, I have experienced a marked difference in my cognitive and physical abilities. I feel stronger, my mind is clearer and I have the stamina to get through my day in a way that I haven’t had in decades.



Active Adaptogenic Blend



Nourish Your Creativity

Adaptogens to help you balance stress levels and stay focused & inspired!